Tuesday 13 March 2012

Daddy I'm in here

Well I am now over half way through my pregnancy and over the past couple of weeks I have noticed little ladies kicks becoming more and more noticeable, I find it such a comforting feeling, except when she decides to kick my bladder. The best thing is that even daddy felt it the other day, just makes it seem all the more real.

Daddy is also noticing the amount of parcels that keep turning up in the post, he keeps moaning and I keep telling him I am only buying things that are necessary + everything I am buying is second hand so all at bargain prices, who could complain at that, I mean really. So far I have managed to get a car seat, all newborn and 0-3 clothes and I am using cloth nappies so have bought a fair few of them, it's slightly addictive. Even the postman recognises me now, ooops.


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