Thursday 20 September 2012

Snip Snip

Well today was the day my baby making days came to an end. This morning Daddy Hazelden had his vasectomy done.

Now I have mixed emotions about this as it is kind of a head versus heart thing. I know in my head this was the sensible thing to do because to have any more children would be some what selfish as there would be lack of space and money. The problem is in my heart I would quite happily carry on having children, if money and space weren't an issue I would of liked at least 2 more.

I'm just wondering whether this broody feeling ever goes away, I really hope it does, it almost feels like I'm in mourning at the moment, which I know to most of you must seem really sad but even when Layla is having a really bad day and screaming the house down I still feel broody, I'm jealous of other people who are pregnant, I must be insane.

All this from the girl who at young age told her mummy she didn't really want kids and if she did have any she could keep them until they were potty trained. How times change.



  1. We are having serious discussions about this and it is the sensible thing to do, but i can't get the thought of never having another one out of my head!!

  2. I don't think it ever really goes away but not in a negative way! Before having my own 2 I was absolutely not interested in babies but now I love to peer into prams and always coo at newborns. After having our 2 I always secretly hoped for an "accident" but we couldn't bring ourselves to actively try for a 3rd. However now that mine are 14 & 10 I'm enjoying their independence but I expect in years to come I'll be grandchild broody!

  3. Definitely know what you are saying, I am waiting for my sister in laws and little brother to have children so I can coo over them :) xx


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