Monday 11 February 2013

Packing in the packed lunches?

So I was watching the news this morning and they were looking at an article in one of the papers about how they want to stop kids having packed lunches because of the things that parents send in for them to eat and drink.

I for one think this is a ridiculous idea. Myself and my brothers always had packed lunches and my children also have packed lunches. Not every child gets sent in with junk food. Don't get me wrong my children have treats like crisps and biscuits but not every day. I always send them in with a piece of fruit and they only ever have water to drink.

I think it is wrong that they want to take that choice away, it is almost like we are being told how to parent our own children.
On the flip side is the cost of school dinners, I certainly couldn't afford to pay for all of my children to have dinner at school.

And all of this because again they think it will tackle the issue of obesity, a sandwich and a chocolate don't automatically make someone fat and surely if they were having dinner at school then they would be eating the lunch at home so defeats the purpose of it really.

Well that's my Monday morning rant done, so what do you think, packed lunch or school dinner or does it really make a difference??



  1. I totally agree, my kids have a mix of packed lunches and school dinners, but their packed lunches are always healthy - they have something like a sandwich, yogurt, fruit and a cereal bar. And like you, I certainly couldnt afford for both children to have school dinners every day!!

  2. I just think it is a shame that majority end up getting penalised for something a minority of people do. x


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