Tuesday 12 February 2013

Pancake Rainbow

So if you hadn't noticed today is pancake day :)

I am going to attempt to not only make pancakes from scratch today but to make rainbow pancakes.

I've chosen to make american style pancakes, to make the batter you will need :

135g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp caster sugar
130ml milk
1 large egg lightly beaten
2tbsp melted butter

Mix the batter as normal, dry ingredients together first, then whisk in the milk and egg and finally mix in the melted butter.

Then comes the fun part, making the rainbow :

  1. Place the batter in 6 separate medium-sized bowls. 
  2. Add food colourings as follows and stir until well-blended.
  3. Bowl 1, red pancake: Add 8 drops of red food colouring.
  4. Bowl 2, orange pancake: Add 3 drops of red and 4 drops of yellow food colouring.
  5. Bowl 3, yellow pancake: Add 7 drops of yellow food colouring.
  6. Bowl 4, green pancake: Add 7 drops of green food colouring.
  7. Bowl 5, blue pancake: Add 7 drops of blue food colouring.
  8. Bowl 6, purple pancake: Add 4 drops of red and 3 drops of blue food colouring.
  9. Pour prepared batter onto hot pan and cook for 1 to 1-1/2 minutes on each side.
Finally all that's left to do is decide on what topping you want. My favourite has always been good old lemon and sugar. The kids this year have chosen butterscotch syrup and peanut butter, different!!!

How do you make your pancakes and what topping is your favourite??


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  1. Wow good luck, they sound amazing! We are just having bog standard pancakes here - lemon and sugar for me and hubby and the kids have requested banana, strawberries and icecream :)


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