Friday 29 March 2013

Easter Crafts

Here we are, it is Good Friday and we are settling in for a day of arts & crafts.

I signed up for a secret Easter Bunny in one of groups on facebook, we were allowed to spend £5 and it was just buying for the children. My lovely Easter bunny was very thoughtful and sent lots of bits for us to make.

We were very lucky to receive :

*Easter Masks

* Easter Basket Making Kit

* Easter Finger Puppets

* A hat and apron for Easter baking

* Some little Easter eggs to give us the energy for all this creating!!

Gracie decided that the first thing we were going to do today was make the Easter finger puppets.

As with most craft kits there were a few bits missing and the sticky bits they gave us weren't quite sticky enough so we had to improvise a little.

We did manage to create four little finger puppets, two chicks, a bunny and a lamb.

Gracie informed me that this was one for her and each of her sisters, although I don't think Layla is quite old enough for finger puppets.

It was Freya's turn to pick the next activity. She decided on masks.

Again there were bits missing, naughty naughty, it meant that there were only two masks instead of three.

Elise very kindly let her little sisters make them.

Mummy came in handy, threading the string through the holes.

We now have Easter baskets left to make but the kids have taken a little break to eat a couple of easter eggs and refuel :)

What is everyone else up to this weekend? I hope snow isn't ruining peoples plans.

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