Thursday 21 March 2013

Parent's Evening

So on Tuesday it was time for Parent's evening again. I think every parent worries a bit about what the teacher is going to tell them, you keep your fingers crossed that your child is being good and not struggling!!

My eldest always gets a glowing report, I hate to say it but she is more clever than me, only in year 2 and already working at year 3 level, I think I might struggle to help her with her homework soon!!

My 5 year old however got a mixed report, she is also a clever little monkey but can be a little naughty at times, showing off to her friends, this I was surprised at because she is normally the shy one, school is obviously bringing her out of her shell. And strangely, the other thing that was noted down was that she is always hungry, not sure if they thought that I starve her at home?? I did continue to tell her teacher that she has been this way since birth and has the classic case of eyes bigger than belly.

All in all this time round there wasn't much to worry about, phew!!!

Have any of you had parent's evening recently?? How did it go??


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