Saturday 23 March 2013

The Grand Unveiling Of The Graco Evo Mini

So yesterday the doorbell went and there was a UPS delivery van outside my door. I wasn't expecting a delivery so I was intriqued to find out what was in the massive box that had just been given to me.

I think these pictures give you a pretty good idea :

 The Graco Evo Mini had arrived

Time to piece it together :

And start checking out the features :

The picture to left shows :

 the toggles that are used to recline the seat unit                      
 the padded seat

 the spacious basket

The picture on the right shows :

the foam handle bar and button for collapsing

the pushchair in all its glory

the pushchair when folded down

Finally we had to let our little testers have a try in their new wheels :

Really looking forward to putting this pushchair through its paces over the next month.


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  1. Really like the look of this, it's so spacious! Looking forward to hearing how you get on

    1. I was surprised at how spacious it was!!! More updates coming so keep an eye out :)


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