Wednesday 27 March 2013

Weigh In

Yesterday I decided I would go and get Layla weighed. It got me thinking about how often I go and do this.

When my eldest was born I took her to get weighed and measured once a month, as a first time mum I think I was worried that I would get told off if I didn't.

When my second child came along I didn't get her weighed quite as often and never got her measured after the initial midwife checks. This I put down to having a toddler in tow so not as much free time on my hands.

When Gracie arrived, she was weighed a bit more in the beginning because it took her a while to regain her weight but after the first couple of months, it was just one on the list that I never got round to, even less time and not enough hands springs to mind.

And then we have Layla. She has been quite a sicky baby, so I get her weighed around every 6-8 weeks just to make sure she is doing alright.

It is funny how things change the more children you have, you know a little bit more with each child you have, you become a little bit more relaxed with things and I don't know about anyone else but I always feel like I am being told off by the health visitor for something because I don't follow all of the guidelines that are mentioned for parents.

How often do you take your children to get weighed?? Is it something you feel you need to do?? Would love to know your thoughts on the subject.

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  1. I used to take my Gracie religiously every 3-4 weeks without fail up until she was 1 whereas with Zach I only get him weighed on andys weeks off out of curiosity. He still gets weighed every say 8 weeks but I don't worry as much about weigh-ins this time round. I don't have a health visitor though they only visit for the first few weeks here so there is no one to make me feel guilty

    1. I think you kind of sense when there is something to worry about don't you.

  2. I used to weigh my first daughter every 2 weeks, she was only 5lbs 13oz when she was born and i wanted to make sure she was growing nicely, second daughter i used to get weighed every few months, my first son i used to get weighed hardly ever! and now my second son he has been weighed 4 times, he is 6 weeks old but he had really bad diarrhoea so i wanted to make sure he wasn't losing weight, he is also a sicky baby so i think i will take him every month.

    1. It is strange how we differ with each child isn't it. Congratulations on the newest edition to your family!!! x


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