Monday 29 April 2013

9 Months To Gain 9 Months To Lose

That is what people say isn't it. It takes you 9 whole months to put on weight when you are pregnant so therefore the theory is that it will take you 9 months to lose the baby weight once you have given birth.

Well my baby girl was 9 months old yesterday, so the question is, have I lost the weight??

I am one of the lucky people that can answer this question with the word yes!! Infact I am lighter now than what I was at sixteen years old. However I still haven't got the body that many women like myself desire.

Now maybe I'm being brave, maybe a bit stupid but I have added a photo of myself here. (try no to laugh). The thing I am most unhappy with is the dreaded "bum tum". This photo doesn't show it very well but trust me it's there. I'm hoping by me having to look at it, it will give me a bit of a nudge to carry on.

I know in my head, that all the stretch marks and saggy skin are all signs of creating my four beautiful children but it doesn't stop me wanting the "perfect" body. I admit, I am one of those yo yo dieters, forever falling off the exercise wagon but I have been trying my hardest since January to really get into shape and I am still searching for the solution to finally getting rid of my jelly belly.

Currently food wise I am sticking to relatively healthy diet, only eating bread a couple of times a week because it really bloats me out and upping my water intake. Exercise wise I am trying to do different ab work outs every day and I really enjoy going out for runs at the weekend.

My will power and motivation have been starting to slip again recently because, for me I'm not seeing any significant improvement. So I was hoping by putting it out there in the blogosphere that some of you lovely people might be able to offer some words of wisdom to keep me going??



  1. Wow you look amazing! Keep doing whatever it is your doing.

  2. Considering you've had 4 beautiful girls you look amazing!! X

  3. The loose skin won't go away regardless. Some folks are blessed with this perfectly elastic skin that lets them pork up and then slim down while it stays firm. However, once stretch marks set in (usually form a zinc deficiency), the skin is stretched out. Most women immediately say "tummy tuck", but if your abs are solid all you need is for the loose skin to get surgically removed and then the gap stitched together. (a tummy tuck involves cutting into the abdominal wall / muscle while the removal of loose skin just involves cutting out the loose part and stiching the "seams" back together). I'm speaking from experience. I was a 300lb fat guy in high school, stretch marks and all. I lost 100lbs when I got older, but regardless of how much I worked out or lifted weights I still had that pooch of loose skin on my tummy (and loose skin on my upper arms and legs, too, but wasn't as bothersome as my tummy). I always thought it was fat, b/c I could feel a bit of fat in it. But, it was just loose, stretched out skin. Went to a plastic surgeon, got it cut off, and done with. I decided to do lyposuction on the arms and legs, but since it was just loose skin there was no fat that came out. However, a full body tuck will leave scars all over, so didn't want to do that. I think my tummy skin procedure cost $2000 or so, but that included lyposuction. You might be able to find a plastic surgeon that can remove the loose skin for $1000. However, if you do, you'll end up with a scar that will not get fat. I gained some weight years after my surgery, and I can tell where the scar is since my upper tummy fattened up and my fupa fattened up, but the scar didn't. lol Speaking just as an older guy, I think you should keep the loose skin. If it makes you self conscious, then go ahead and get it removed. But, as men get older, many of us like the imperfections on women. It means you lived life. These women that try to keep looking pristine into their 40's, 50's, etc just end up looking crazy with all the stuff they do to themselves. The imperfections on a woman's body are sexier than the crazy shit they do to cover it up or get rid of it.


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