Saturday 11 May 2013

Keep crawling crawling crawling

I am one very inpatient mummy. Infact I think I am the opposite to a lot of parents. Mum's that I speak to aren't in any hurry to get their little ones moving, I on the other hand cannot wait for mine to get up and go!!

My eldest three daughters all crawled by the time they were 7 months, were pulling themselves up at 8 months, cruising at 9 months and walking by the time they were 10 months. So when Layla started getting on her knees at 6 months I thought she was going to follow in her sister's footsteps, or knee slides maybe, how wrong was I.

Getting on her knees lasted a very short while and then she got lazy. With three old siblings quite willing to get everything for her, pick her up at the slightest whine, she was quite happy to stay put. I've lost count of the amount of times I used the phrase "she is no a doll".

Then suddenly this month, at 9 months, she started experimenting on her knees again, well not publicly, I caught her doing it in her cot. However one very excited mummy started waving things infront of her to encourage her to move to them, keys normally work wonders. It was Daddy Hazelden that finally got the little monkey wobbling forward by waving his chocolate bar around, who knew a Wispa could be so appealing.

Now she still isn't thrilled with the concept of moving, much prefers sitting having cuddles, so she will only begrudgingly show off this new amazing trick to people but we can definitely say she did it!!! She just needs to keep crawling crawling crawling (sung in the tune of Limp Bizkits rolling rolling rolling).

Here's to many more milestones.



  1. aww bless! once they get the idea there is no stopping them!

    1. This is very true, eyes in the back of your head springs to mind!! x


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