Thursday 6 June 2013

Minene Mibooster cushion Review

Minene is a wonderful company that was eastablished in 2007. Run by three young mothers, their ultimate goal is to provide both comfort and joy to babies, toddlers and parents too.

The products they offer are stylish whilst remaining well designed and very practical, so I was more than happy when I was asked to review something from their range.

What I was going to receive was kept as a surprise, meaning I was extremely excited when the postman arrived with a nice package from Minene!! What was in it I hear you cry, I was given one of their Mibooster cushions to test out, well I say me, Gracie would be testing this out for me, I'm just writing down what she thinks of it :)

This comfy cushion is suitable for children aged 2 years and upwards and comes in a range of gorgeous colours and prints. We received one in navy with pretty floral patterns. Cleverly designed with slots on one side to put your little ones crayons in, the booster cushion even comes with a set of crayons and colouring book, a really lovely touch.

It is nice and solid, so when sat on it doesn't lose it's shape but it is also well padded, so nice and soft for tiny bottoms to perch on.

It is easily attached to any chair by doing up the two safety straps up underneath the seat, the click when done up is reassuring to hear. The straps have a lot of adjustment to them, so I can see them fitting almost any size chair. The adjustment on the straps allows you to get a nice tight fit, meaning the cushion can't slide around at all.

Gracie couldn't have been more eager to get her bum seated on the cushion. Before she could try it out, we had to put the crayons in the slots. After doing this she proceeded to take them straight back out so that she could make use of her new colouring book!! I am very happy to report that the cushion done it's job well. It allowed Gracie to reach the dining room table with ease, no more sitting up on her knees to eat her dinner, she could finally see what mummy was putting on her plate.

The only problem we had was getting her on it the first couple of times because she had to get herself up onto the chair before she could get her bottom onto the booster cushion, mummy had to give her a little helping hand. However as the saying goes, "practice makes perfect". We decided to help her, we would use her step from the bathroom but my little miss independent decided after a couple of attempts of this that she was too big for a step!!! So a few wobbly attempts later, she was able to get up and down all by herself and I must say she was quite proud of herself too. 

The cover on the cushion can be removed by simply folding the cushion in half as you start to remove it. The cover is machine washable at 30 degrees so you don't need to panic if anything gets spilt or drawn on it, which is bound to happen, I'm 27 and still manage to drop dinner down myself!!

Priced at a very reasonable £25, I would say this is a great investment, it is small enough that you can even take it out with you to restaurants or round other peoples houses. The straps that you do up around the chair can even double up as backpack straps, meaning your child can carry the cushion all by themselves, definitely getting your moneys worth. A great aid for your little ones, encouraging independence but with the added slots for crayons, it keeps it fun as well as practical. Even Gracie's older sisters have been using it too, which shows that it will still get used as your child grows. 


Disclaimer : I was sent this item free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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