Thursday 13 June 2013

Munchkin UK Disney Feeding range Review

Munchkin was founded in 1991. Their aim, to rid the world of mundane and tired products. I think they can safely say that they have achieved this. Producing products that are exciting for children and make parenting a lot easier. With their range including items for bath time, feeding time, on the go time and much much more, this company has gone from strength to strength.

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So imagine my extreme excitement when I was sent some of their new Disney feeding range to review.  I am the biggest kid when it comes to Disney!!! Even better the character that we were sent was Minnie, this was very apt because our little Layla's nickname is mini!!!

munchkin minnie mouse dinner set

We received the dining set which incudes a bowl, plate, fork and spoon and we also received one of their Click Lock spill proof cups.

We started testing the cup immediately. The cup comes in four pieces, the main cup, the lid, the part which you suck through and a lid to pop over the top. This cup was a new concept to Layla because the cup she normally drinks from not only has handles but it is free flowing. This cup is a non spill cup, meaning Layla had to learn to suck a bit harder to get her water out, she is a faster learner though and was soon drinking away happily. The no spill element meant that my lovely baby couldn't drown her clothes in water when she got bored of drinking it!!

I love the click lock feature. You can feel and hear as the lid clicks into place, no leaks at all!! This really is great, especially when putting the cup into the changing bag, no worrying about any spillages. 

The only problem we had with the cup was how heavy it was when you filled it up to the top. Layla struggled to hold it up properly, so we then started filling it to the half way point making it much easier for her to manage.

Next up to the testing block was the dining set. I decided that Layla was slightly too young to properly test this set, so my little Gracie decided to take up the challenge. Both the bowl and the plate have a non slip feature on the bottom which really helps when little ones are becoming more independent and trying to feed themselves. The fork and spoon are an ideal size, lovely for small hands to hold on to. 

The bowl is different from most because it is square shaped rather than the traditional rounded shape. I think this actually made it easier for Gracie to scoop her cereal out. My favourite part of the set was the plate, this is divided into three sections. Great if you want to separate things like meat and vegetables, or as you can see from the picture below, separating lunch items, I was able to say which bits I would like her to eat first and she could see clearly what I was talking about.

The Disney characters help engage the children and make meal times fun, this would really help parents with little ones who maybe aren't too keen at sitting nicely whilst eating meals. All the range is dishwasher safe too. With prices for the range starting at just £4.50 you really can't go wrong and their is a Disney character to suit any child, you can choose from Minnie, Mickey, Pooh bear or Monsters inc, all the designs are bold, bright and colourful and keep in line with the rest of Munchkin's innovative products.

You can find Munchkin on both facebook and twitter to keep up to date with all their latest products.

Now tell me, which Disney character would you choose??


Disclaimer : I was sent this item free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own


  1. has to be monsters inc we love our Munchkin Dining Set and with us having a glas table the little grip things on the bottom of the plate are extra great! lovely review!!

  2. these look lovely. Just about to start weaning my baby girl so need to stock up on some nice bits x

  3. Ooo these look fab. My eldest is a little too old for these though and my youngest is only six weeks. If he were older though I'd probably look at Monsters Inc as his daddy bought him lots of Monsters Inc things when we found out we were having a boy.

    Great blog, now following.

    Louise x

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