Wednesday 3 July 2013

Baker Days Letterbox Cake Review

Baker Days is a lovely company situated in the Sherwood Forest. They produce personalised cakes for all occasions and can deliver them to anywhere within the UK.

Now anyone that knows me, knows I can't say no to cake, so when I was kindly asked to review their letterbox cake, the only thing I could say was yes.

I immediately love the fact that you can make the cake personal, I chose a one direction cake and sent through a couple of pictures of my daughters to be placed on there too, seen as they are their biggest fans!!

The video below demonstrates just how well the cake really does fit through the letterbox :

As you can see, this cake really is the perfect size, it fits through the letterbox with ease, making it the perfect gift because you know that if the recipient isn't in for whatever reason, they will still get their cake on time, no waiting for redeliveries or going round the sorting office to collect it. I love the goodies that you receive with it, not just the cake but ballons, party blower, candles and of course the stunning  cake tin which makes a lovely keepsake after the cake has been consumed.

On the underneath of the cake it tells you :

* your order number

* what type of cake it is

* all of the ingredients which have been used to make the delicious cake

* the date which you need to eat your cake by (although I'm pretty sure it will be eaten well before the epiry date!!)

The picture to the right shows you the cake which we recieved.

I was blown away at just how well made it was, as you can see, not only do we have a one direction picture, two of by daughters have also been placed on there too. The detail is truly amazing, I really couldn't have asked for anything better and of course the pink colouring of the background was the perfect choice for my girl girls.

In some ways I didn't want to cut into the cake because I didn't want to ruin it. Both Gracie and Freya decided that they each wanted the pieces of cake with their faces on.

I just wanted to show you the inside of the cake once I finally dared to cut into it.

The icing is nice and soft and the cake itself was very moist.

We chose carrot cake but you can also choose from fruit cake, madeira cake, double chocolate chip cake and even gluten free cake, there really is something for everyone.

I think the letterbox cake was actually the perfect size, we managed to get 8 pieces of cake from it, this meant there wasn't anything wasted but also that they weren't eating too much, as they always seem to suffer from the classic eyes bigger than belly syndrome!!

Of course I couldn't do a review of cake without showing you the cake being eaten so take a look below :
We have the all in one method.

The breaking little pieces off method.

And the get crumbs everywhere method.

The final verdict was a big thumbs up!! Costing just £14.99, you have yourself a real bargain. Whether you want it made for a birthday, christening, aniiversary, or maybe just a treat for yourself, this is an amazing treat. The fact that you can get a unique design really adds to the value. I can testify that it really does come through the letterbox and because of the lovely cake tin that it comes in, no squashed cake in sight. 

What flavour cake and design would you opt for??


Disclaimer : This cake was sent to me free of charge for reviewing purposes, however all thoughts and opnions are my own.


  1. I'm glad they do Gluten free! May try it out :D

  2. I was sent one too, was impressed, was so yummy :-)

    Hels X

    1. I shall be hinting to the hubby for the next 6 months that I want my birthday cake from them :)

  3. Aww how cute the 1D cake! The girls look like they're enjoying it :)

    Sparkles &



    1. my eldest was telling me she wanted a JLS cake next time!! :)


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