Tuesday 23 July 2013

Is there really an average family size??

Now that the Summer holidays have arrived, I am trying to come up with things that the kids can do because I don't want them to be stuck at home all the time, not that my kids would complain, they are quite happy playing in the garden, reading books, making craft etc. You only have to look at the photo below to see that they know how to keep themselves entertained.

I think I just want to give them more, trouble is most activities don't come for free and the ones that do can get fairly boring if you are doing them day in day out.

Tickets for theme parks etc, I find to be extremely expensive and companies just don't seem to cater for larger families, it really puts me off going if I'm honest.

This got me thinking. Why is it that when you go to purchase a family ticket, that it is for 2 adults and 2 children? Is this really still the average sized family? A lot of my friends and family have three or more children, I myself am one of three children and as you will know from reading my blog, I have four children myself. It almost seems like we are penalised for having a bigger than "average" family and I know I sound like a stroppy teenager but well that just isn't fair and yes I do say this as I stamp my foot on the floor!!!

Just like in supermarkets and shops, ticket prices for theme parks, zoos, national trust etc seem to rise year on year but the same can't be said for people's wages. There is always moaning about the economy and people not spending enough to help out businesses but surely if they want us to keep visiting these places, they should be doing something to entice us in?

It would be really nice if there were family tickets for bigger families. I'm not saying we should pay the same price as families of four should because I am aware there are more of us going in. You could however set different price family tickets depending on how many children you have but still save the families money, instead of having to buy lots of single tickets.

Do you find days out expensive, have you found ingenius ways to save money on days out? Would love to know any tips that you care to share!!



  1. We've always found this. We do now have 7 children, but going back 7 years we had 5 children aged 6-12 and we found that English Heritage was a brilliant one because an adult membership entitles you to take up to 6 of your own children with you :)

    1. That is a very good membership!!! I always forget about English Heritage x


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