Monday 22 July 2013

Teen Beach Movie Soundtrack Review

I think sometimes a film can really be recognised when it has a great soundtrack to accompany it. 

Disney premiered it's latest film, Teen Beach Movie, last Friday, the 19th of July on the Disney channel and I was lucky enough to be sent a digital copy of the soundtrack to listen to and review.

The newest film to come from Disney is described as a contemporary surf-rock musical. With main characters Mckenzie (Maia Mitchell and Brady (Ross Lynch), it depicts how 1960's sensibilities motivate a modern girl to affirm her capabilities, strengths and goals. 

The soundtrack consists of 12 tracks as well as 3 bonus instrumental tracks, it is a good mix of rock and pop. 

1. Oxgen - Maia Mitchell
2. Surf Crazy - Spencer Lee, Keely Hawkes and cast
3. Cruisin for a Bruisin - Ross Lynch, Grace Phipps and Jason Evigan
4. Fallin for ya - Grace Phipps
5. Meant to be - Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Grace Phipps, Spencer lee, Garrett Clayton
6. Like me - Maia Mitchell, Ross Lynch, Grace Phipps, Spencer Lee and cast
7. Meant to be (reprise 1) - Spencer Lee and Grace Phipps
8. Can't stop singing - Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell
9. Meant to be (reprise 2) - Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell
10. Surf's up - Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell and cast
11. Coolest cat's in town - Grace Phipps, Spencer Lee and Jason Evigan
12. Surf crazy finale - Teen beach movie cast
13. Cruisin for a bruisin (instrumental)
14. Fallin for ya (instrumental)
15. Surf's up (instrumental)

My girls loved listening to this. They were able to dance around the room and my eldest after having it on repeat has started to learn the words and sing along to it as well, very catchy tunes in my opinion.

The music I would describe as quite "retro" which works well with the theme of the film and it most certainly kept my daughter's entertained. 

The film itself is aimed more at children between the ages on 6 and and 14 years old but the soundtrack can be enjoyed by people of all ages. My 3 year old Gracie was having a whale of a time jumping around to the different songs. And anyone that knows me will tell you that I love a good beat, so yes I was jumping around like a loon to the music too!!

When I asked my kids what their favourite song off the album was, I was surprised that for once they all picked something different instead of the same song :

Gracie said - "my favourite was Surf's up because it is fun to dance to"

Freya said -  "my favourite was Oxygen because the girl has a lovely voice"

Elise said - "my favourite was Meant To Be, I love the girl and boy singing together"

With a mix of fast and slow paced songs, there is definitely something for everyone on this soundtrack, it compliments the film well, another quality product from Disney.

This soundtrack is now available to purchase from the shops, online or download it from iTunes right now, great Summer CD!!!

Disclaimer : I was sent a digital copy of this soundtrack free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Who is Spencer lee

  2. my daughter loved this film but i'm not too keen on all these disney programs! x


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