Friday 26 July 2013

Let me tell you a story...

Well I say me, I actually mean my daughter. I had one of those proud mummy moments last week when my eldest daughter's teacher came up to me excitedly before school started. She said that Elise had started to write a story and she was really impressed so wanted me to read it too.

Now I know Elise is very creative, she has a wonderful imagination and she is always telling people that she wants to be an author in real life. Her teacher actually sent her home with more paper because she wanted her to finish the story because I'm sure the rest of you will be the same, you want to know just what happens in the end!!

I, as her mum, am slightly biased but for someone who is 7 years old, I think she has done a really amazing job, so I just wanted to share with you all what she has created.

The Tale of a Castle War

One day, well you may have guessed, a long, long, long time ago in a medieval castle called Castle Ivy, a baby princess was born. Her name was Princess Destiny. 
She lived in Castle Ivy with her mum, Queen Daniella and her father, King Ben. What the king and queen didn't know was that Princess Destiny had fallen in love with their knight, Sir Robinson. They had a secret love that was as sweet as cake.
One day on her 15th birthday, their worst enemy returned, Queen Vivian. Her knights were coming across the sea from Palace Evil.
Sir Robinson tried to get Princess Destiny away on his noble stead, Billy the dragon. When they thought they were far enough away, Queen Vivian came on her dragon Frankenstein and snatched Princess Destiny. Sir Robinson was heartbroken.

Meanwhile in Castle Ivy, there was a humungous battle between Castle Ivy and Palace Evil. A lot of knights got killed without their best knight, Sir Robinson and his noble stead Billy to help. 
In Palace Evil, Queen Vivian had captured Queen Daniella, King Ben and Princess Destiny. Suddenly Princess Destiny had an idea. She took her toy vampire teeth out of her pocket that she remembered she had. Then she got her red pen out of her pocket that she also remembered that she had. She got her red pen and put some red on the toy vampire teeth. Princess Destiny put the toy vampire teeth in her mouth and you can guess what happened next.
Princess Destiny looked like a vampire who had just eaten. "I'm going to eat you if you don't set me free" said Princess Destiny. "Goodness me, I didn't know you were a vampire, please don't eat me princess" said Queen Vivian. "You'll be a tasty snack" said Princess Destiny. "Alright! ok ok, I'll set you free if I can rule Castle Ivy till my death" said Queen Vivian. "And if that happens I'll have you for my snack" said Princess Destiny, giving Queen Vivian a look. "I'm out of here, bye" shouted Queen Vivian.

"Ha, that was clever" laughed a voice. It was Sir Robinson. He bought Billy the dragon too. As you may have guessed, Sir Robinson had then captured Queen Vivian and put her in her own dungeon. He set Queen Daniella, King Ben and Princess Destiny free.

Two months later, Sir Robinson and Princess Destiny got married and had twins. A boy called Antony and a girl called Olivia and they were happy for the rest of their days.


Thanks for reading. Always nice to see a happy ending!!!



  1. WOW!! This is brilliant for a 7 year old! Amazing use of words and what an imagination! Xx

    1. My daughter just said thank you for reading! :)

  2. That's lovely! Clever girl x

  3. Ahh, so sweet. Love the 'and you know what happens' bits! Wasn't expecting the vampire trick - so a bit of a twist in there as well. Very creative

  4. You must be very proud - it is a good story! Will she be writing one for Halloween?

  5. This really made me smile.
    HIGHLIGHTS: "humungous battle" and "her toy vampire teeth out of her pocket that she remembered she had..."

    Sheer genius!

    1. Glad she managed to put a smile on your face x

  6. WOW! What a gift your daughter has. Seven yrs old; incredible!


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