Thursday 11 July 2013

Styling it up with the BabyBag

So last Friday I was set my second Lin and Leo challenge, I had to "style it up", you can find my first one here. Basically this meant a little fashion show to demonstrate my favourite outfits all completed with the lovely BabyBag.

Well you might think this challenge sounds quite simple but I am not a big fan of being in front of the camera, if you have ever seen the episode of friends where Chandler and Monica need to have their engagement picture taken then you will know what I mean when I say I can't smile for the camera!!

However I will now show you a series of looks. My eldest daughter took these pictures so I blame the photographer if I don't make the BabyBag look as good as it could.

To the left is my first outfit. Now you may be thinking that isn't very stylish, well you are, I think most, definitely right. However my email did say my favourite outfits and I do where this outfit a lot.

If you hadn't guessed it already, I wear this stunning little number every week when I go exercising.

I happen to think that the BabyBag would actually make a good gym bag and who doesn't want to look good while they are working out!!

The outfit in the picture to the right is one of my all time favourites.

I think it is a dress that not many people will have, I know I am not the only one who doesn't want to always be wearing the "in thing" all of the time.

Do tell me if I am wrong but I think the colours in my dress and the bag compliment each other and I believe people might be mistaken and think I am carrying a handbag instead of what is actually a changing bag.

Next up is this obligatory piece of denim. Everyone has to have atleast one piece of denim in their wardrobe, whether it be a pair jeans, a denim jacket or even those shorts you are dying to fit into for Summer.

The skirt I am wearing is one of my best pieces of clothing, it is actually 12 years old, so I guess that it could almost be classed as vintage.

Now a part from the fact that I could get a really bad tan line by wearing the bag over me like that with my boob tube on, I don't think it looks too bad??

This is what I like to think of as casual. You can see the casual look in the way I'm posing can't you?? :)

Vest top with crop top layered over it, comfy comfy leggings and flip flops complete the look. This is how I tend to dress most days, with four girls to get ready in the mornings, I don't have a lot of time to get myself look presentable.

I found the purple of the crop top made the turquoise of the BabyBag really stand out, my two favourite colours brought together.

Hands up who loves a maxi dress!!!

Over the years I have purchased many maxi dresses, not only are the great for those hot Summer days, they are brilliant if you really don't like showing off your legs.

My only problem is because I am such a shorty, even when I buy petite, the dress still manages to reach the floor and I look like a person who doesn't have feet.

My girls said this was their favourite picture out of the ones that were taken.

The stripes not taking away from accessory I am trying to show off.

And my final effort at "styling up" was with my love rose patterned playsuit.

This is a staple item in my Summer closet because I can wear it as a day or night time outfit depending on what accessories I put with it.

The BabyBag would actually be taken out at night, it might be bigger than the average handbag but atleast you would be able to fit in your make up, purse, phone, keys and a change of shoes, you know, for when those extremely high heels just become unbearable to wear!!!

So there we have it. Now you really know what the blogger behind the writing really looks like. Do you think my "style" compliments the BabyBag, do we think I could be a model in the making?? Ok maybe don't answer that second question.

Cannot wait to see what challenge number 3 will be!!!


Disclaimer : this bag has been sent to me free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughtd and opinions are my own.


  1. you look very stylish and i love the vintage summer dress its lush!! one yummy mummy there!!


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