Tuesday 20 August 2013

Joining the Hygiene Revolution

A while back I was sent a couple of samples of products from the people involved with Hygiene Revolution. I have been using them over the past month and wanted to share with you what I thought.

The idea behind the hygiene revolution has been borne out of claims made by other brands in the hygiene/cleaning industry. What they believe is that products containing Byotrol technology are the only products on the market that can kill and protect from unwanted germs for up to 24 hours. Having children I am more concerned than ever that everything is squeeky clean, especially with a baby crawling around and trying to put everything in her mouth, so the idea behind all of this already has me interested.

What is Byotrol technology?

Byotrol contains no bleach or alcohol. In simple terms Byotrol will continue to protect surfaces after cleaning by creating a barrier which remains even after the product dries, this in turn prevents those pesky germs from settling on that surface again for up to 24 hours. It is powerful and long lasting, yet gentle to those who come in contact with it.
This is totally different to traditional products which contain bleach and alcohol, as those products tend to stop protecting after it has dried on the surface it has been used on.

I was sent a Multi purpose anti-bacterial cleaner and an anti-viral hand foam to try. As you can see from the picture below, I have actually used all of the cleaner. It has been used all around my house, kitchen, toilet and bathrooms. Now I don't have magical powers, I can't actually tell you how long the product actually protected all those surfaces for but what I can tell you, the product cleaned well, no smears in sight and after 24 hours my house still smelt of the apple scent of the cleaner and that was really refreshing and much better than the smell of bleach in my opinion.

We took the anti-viral foam on holiday with us. It was was the perfect size to have in my changing bag and came in really handy when out and about, especially if there isn't any hand wash in the toilets. Easy to use by pumping out a small amount and rubbing into your hands. Once it dried it left your hands feeling smooth, no stickiness. There wasn't much of a scent but I much prefer this rather than a strong perfume smell and what is even better, it is alcohol free. Again I don't know how long it protected for but it certainly made our hands feel clean.

I like the idea behind byotol and the hygiene revolution and I wouldn't hesitate in using more products that use byotrol technology, these products are clearly marked with the word byotrol on the front. The idea of not using bleach and alcohol in products is really appealing, I have always hated the smell of bleach to the point where the smell makes me feel sick, so if I have the option to use alternative products, I will definitely do so. There are products containing byotrol available for you, your baby, your pets and your home, so why not join the hygiene revolution now??

If you want to learn more, why not visit the Byotrol site where it explains everything behind the technology and how it works.

Have you heard about byotrol before, if you have what do you think? What cleaning products do you currently use at home??



  1. Aimee Ford-Young21 August 2013 at 08:02

    Hi I use the Apple cleaner also. One point is you have to be EXTREMELY careful with it around pets - especially cats (I have 2 cats and a kitten). Its very toxic especially if they walk on it while wet then lick their paws.

    1. Hi Aimee, one of the great things about Byotrol is that's it's one of the safest and gentlest products around. That's why it's used in products for babies and pets ( www.byotrol.co.uk). You're probably maxing it up with an another product.


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