Monday 19 August 2013

Please Stop Scaring Me

I think you are all going to laugh at me now. There I was getting all impatient, really willing Layla to start moving, just a few more steps I said.

Well I take it all back!! I would really like it very much if Layla would just sit still for longer than five seconds now, she really likes scaring me now.

She seems to be unstoppable. Within a week her walking has come on leaps and bounds, if she falls over, she gets straight back up again and carries on moving forward. The trouble is the more she is getting about, the more accidents she keeps having!!

Since learning to walk, she has also learnt to climb, she decided to make herself comfortable in her sister's bed the other morning, much to my shock.

Yesterday I had my head turned away from her for all of a minute and what did I find her doing.....

.... the little monkey was halfway up my stairs, I was about ready to have a heart attack then and there.

So I suppose it is time for me to start baby proofing the house again because I really don't want any serious injuries occurring, although we have already had a few bumps and bruises to the head.

I'm sure you can guess what is top on my list for baby proofing, the stair gate.

Daddy Hazelden actually built one when we had our eldest daughter, it can move from upstairs to downstairs so we only need the one.

Another thing that I need to invest in is locks for the cupboards and drawers and this is a first for me, my other three children never attempted looking inside the cupboards, Layla is a different kettle of fish altogether. The trouble I have is that I still want my other children to be able to open the cupboards and drawers so any suggestions would be much appreciated.

The one thing I don't need to buy is plug socket covers, these have been firmly in place for almost 7 years now.

You would think after four children that I would be well aware of exactly what is needed in a house to keep my baby safe but I think because each child has been different, every time there has been something else I need to "make safe". It is surprising just what little fingers will go to touch and just how far they can reach, sometimes I think Layla is the female version of stretch armstrong!!

I know I can't protect Layla from every little thing but I will keep definitely keep trying. So what top tips do you have for baby proofing a house??


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  1. suspend the baby from the ceiling...there are no sockets, cupboards, trip hazards,climbing hazards up there....pmsl
    A baby gate across a kitchen door is a good move but if not then -
    Apart from that its sensible things - once the kettle has boiled and your cuppa is made empty what is left down the sink.
    if you have a ceramic hob that stays hot for ages after put a pan of cold water onto the ring you switch off, cools it quicker but also makes it untouchable should she stretch up.
    Put the iron on a high shelf the second you finish with it
    Make sure there is nothing in a bottom cupboard that she can drink/eat that she shouldnt, move ALL your cleaning stuff to a top cupboard, even washing powder and especially spray cleaners that may end up in eyes by accident.
    Sharp knives in a knife block not a drawer, but you will know all these things

    1. would never have thought about the ceiling thing lol ;)
      Yes when you think about it, it is all quite obvious, I think we are always learning though aren't we. x

  2. This is so scary! My MIL bought us a stair gate before Sienna could even crawl because she was worried about this! haha! X

  3. haha I remember this well, willing them to be more independant and then immediately regretting it!

  4. I found charlie chewing a phone charger cable yesterday. Hubby got a severe telling off! I nearly had a heart attack. I'm trying to educate Lucy to not leaving unsuitable toys in his reach, it's not really working!

    1. Layla had hubbys headphones the other day, conviniently taken from his bag which he left on the floor!!

  5. Harry has just learnt to climb stairs too :(
    His latest trick is standing on the bottom stair holding onto the stairgate until he falls down

    1. they say they learn from their mistakes but they really don't do they!!!

  6. We have cupboard locks on all the drawers & cupboards in the kitchen which Ben has been able to open for about 6 months (he's 4 now) but he also knows he has to ask before he opens them & must ask permission. We don't have a stair gate on the stairs but do have one to stop them leaving the safety of the living room (which in turn stops them getting to the stairs anyway)

    1. I have to keep reminding myself to shut the living room door!!!

  7. I'm not up on baby proofing yet as we're a way off having a little walker, but bless her! Sounds like she's found her feet fast hehe

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks - UK Based parenting blog

    1. these little ones just like to keep us on our toes :)

  8. I really wouldn't put locks on all the kitchen cupboards - just put a stairgate across the kitchen door so she can't get in there at all. Apart from that, an activity centre to place her in, like a Jumperoo, or a baby walker will mean she can move around with relative safety.


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