Wednesday 7 August 2013

The other end of town

Another week, another Maxi-Cosi challenge has been issued. So far you have seen me excitedly unpacking the pushchair and discovering hidden treasures in my town with the Loola as company.

This week, we have been challenged to take a trip from one end of our town to the other, seeing just how well the Loola copes with an obstacles on the way.

Now I am very lucky that where I live is only a 15-20 minute walk into town, depending on how many children I have with me at the time, Gracie with her little legs is slightly slower than the rest of us, bless her.

The kids were quite excited about what mummy had to do because the one thing at the other end of town is the library and seen as all of my children are little book worms, I couldn't think of a better place to take them.

However for this task, I found myself at a disadvantage because there isn't anything really exciting to look at along the way and of course I want you to be interested in my post, so what better way than to keep you looking than pictures with a funky background :)

The collage above shows our little journey, even Daddy Hazelden came along for the adventure. The Loola handles very well over normal paths, a very smooth ride for little miss Layla. Along the way we got to see the sights of our town including the police station where, as my kids will tell you, Uncle Alec made a visit too when he had a little too much to drink, he will never be allowed to forget this!! LOL.

One part of our journey that demonstrated the comfort of the Loola, was when we had to push it over a cobbled surface. You can see from the video below, that although shaky, Layla was not phased at all and infact thought it was fun to hear her own voice wobble as we went about our little ride.

To get up to the library, I had to push the pushchair up a steep ramp and around a couple of tight bends, this was easily achieved because of how light the  Loola feels when pushing it and the swivel wheels at the front allowed it to glide round the corners effortlessly.

Inside the library itself , there were three different surfaces to test out, carpet, tile and what I would describe as marble. The wheels never lost traction, no slip sliding around.

And of course at the end of it all, the kids ended up with a nice pile of books to keep them entertained for a little while atleast.

Another task complete and best of all, we managed to have another morning out as a family which didn't cost a single penny!!!


Disclaimer : We were sent the Loola free of charge for reviewing purposes as part of being a Maxi-Cosi reporter however all thoughhts and opinions are my own.

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