Friday 2 August 2013

Why I love my BabyBag

So the time has come to complete my final challenge with my Lin and Leo BabyBag. I know what your thinking, sad sad times!!

You have been with me on on my journey and you have seen how it copes on a family day out, just how the BabyBag works with any style and how the BabyBag kept me company during my me time.

My final task is to let you know my final thoughts, how useful was the BabyBag, would I buy one if I had the chance??

I really cannot find anything negative to say about this bag. It it is stylish, even if you feel frumpy, wearing this bag makes you feel better about the way you look and with all the compliments you get from people whilst your wearing it, you can't help but have a smile on your face. Trust me, just look at the picture below, it is very well made, attention to detail with the pink stitching around the edges. And with two different ways of carrying the BabyBag, it means that you can change how you wear it to suit where you are taking/what you are using it for.

The size of this bag is extremely deceiving. It is surprising just how spacious it is, with pockets on both the inside and outside, there is room for literally everything, well except that kitchen sink. This makes it ideal as a changing bag but also great for mummy to use as a day to day bag or even an over night bag.

This bag has even been travelling in the short time I have had it in my possession and what better place to take it than Ibiza!!! It got to experience the sun, sea and sand with us, it was the perfect size to use it as hand luggage. You can see it hanging off the stroller in the picture below, oh and I thought I'd add a little eye candy in too, even Daddy Hazelden looks good near the BabyBag ;)

So my final thoughts on the BabyBag, honestly, I think I can sum it up in three words, stylish, spacious and versatile. Well worth the price you would pay. I have used this bag daily since being sent it and I think I will be using it for years to come.

Disclaimer : I was sent the BabyBag free of charge as part of an ongoing challenge with Lin and Leo however all thoughts and opinions are my own.



  1. That bag is awesome! I feel like I need one in my life, and my baby is now a teen!!

    1. LOL it is a great bag in general so you should definitely buy one!!! :)


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