Friday 27 September 2013

Zappie App Review

As technology becomes a thing that even my younger children use, I am always looking for new games for them to play on the iPad, I do prefer them to be educational but also something fun that I can do with them.

I was asked to review a new childrens app by Zappie. This app is a new interactive application which is aimed at pre-school children and has a fun way of bring pictures to life on things such as bedroom walls, furniture and clothing. Zappie sell all sorts of products that can be bought to life using the app such as greetings cards, heat transfers for clothing and many stickers. We were sent a set of wheels on the bus wall stickers and a set of smaller stickers to test out.

zappie app

The stickers themselves are easy to apply and can be reused although they do become less sticky with each use. Being able to reapply them means that you can create a different picture each time you want to use them. My 3 year old had great fun deciding where each sticker should go. The prices of the wall stickers start from £21.99, as they can be used more than once, I think that is a fair price especially as there are over 25 stickers in a pack.

You can download the app itself from either iTunes or Google Play. The way to use it is  by clicking a certain song on the app, there are eight different nursery rhyme songs to choose from.

Five little monkeys jumping on a bed
I'm a little teapot
Five little ducks
Wheels on the bus
Row row row your boat
Old macdonald had a farm
Twinkle twinkle little star
Once I caught a fish alive

You click on the song that you want and then aim the device you are using at the picture shown next to the song, so in this instance we had to aim it at the bus which Gracie had stuck on her wardrobe.

zappie app

I had to help Gracie hold the iPad in place so that we could "zap" the image but I would say it is still fairly simple to do. The picture was picked up easily and you could see the bus come to life on the screen and start moving, Gracie was more than impressed and was excited to do it again.

The good thing is, is that you don't have to buy the products, you can just watch the normal videos on your device. Even my seven and five year olds wanted to give it a go. An added bonus that I liked was that there were the words of the song on the screen too, I will admit to merrily singing along to them.


I wouldn't hesistate in recommending this app to parents with younger children, it was a unique way of bringing those classic nursery rhymes to life and provided hours of entertainment for my children. 


Disclaimer : We were sent the stickers free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thougts and opinions are my own.


  1. These look really cool - shame my boys are too old now!

    1. would be good if they could make something for older kids too x

  2. Ah you've just given me the gift idea I was looking for, my friend's little boy is IT mad and would love something like this for his third birthday!

  3. Lovely idea - something I might look into when Max is older!

    1. Even Elise and Freya enjoyed fiddling around with it x

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