Wednesday 6 November 2013

Braun Thermoscan ExacTemp Ear Thermometer Review

One thing as parents that we always worry about, is our child's health. I know myself, even though I have four children, it doesn't get any easier when any of them become ill.

Something I have always struggled with is taking their temperature. I have tried the ones where you hold it across their forehead and I have tried holding thermometers under their arm pits. The trouble is, is that none of them seem to be very accurate. I have phoned up the doctors in the past adimant that my child has a high temperature, I have then been told to come in and when the doctor has taken their temperature it is in actual fact absolutely fine, although always better to be safe than sorry.

The Braun Thermoscan ExacTemp Ear Thermometer takes all the fuss out of taking your little ones temperature.

braun thermoscan exactemp ear thermometer

This thermometer is actually used by Doctors so you know it must be good. It takes an accurate temperature within seconds which is clearly displayed on an LCD screen, making it extremely simple to use.

In the box you receive the thermometer itself, an instruction manual, a pack of thermoscan lens filters and a case to keep it in when not in use. It comes with batteries included, a nice added bonus.

braun thermoscan eaxctemp ear thermometer

It wasn't until last week when I got the opportunity to test it properly. Unfortunately Layla and Gracie were unwell during half term week and I felt the need to check their temperature as they felt a little on the warm side to me.

The process is easy. Place a filter on the tip of the thermometer, this itself is small, soft and flexible so in no way uncomfortable for your child. Turn it in on, place in your little ones ear and press the button. What is lovely is that there is a clear beeping and light flashing which lets you know that you have positioned the thermometer correctly in their ear. 

You get a reading within seconds and I was more than pleased to see that they weren't running a temperature, the thermometer proved very reassuring!!

I don't think the girls even realised what I was up to because of how quick I was able to do it.

It has a temperature range of 34 - 42.2 degrees and I think because it is the same as what Doctor's use, your children will be more than happy for a Doctor to take their temperature if needed because they will already be used to you doing it.

The one thing that you must remember, is to use a new filter each time you use it and for me this is the only real negative I can find because you have to pay out for new filters every so often but it is only £8.25 for 40 so not a major expense.

The thermometer itself is priced at £43.90 and as a parent I would say it is a great investment. Available from places like Boots and Mothercare, it is suitable for the whole family and provides some welcome reassurance to mums and dads.


Disclaimer : I was sent this thermometer free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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