Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas Gifts

Ok you can't deny it any longer, Christmas is coming, so it might be an idea to start the present shopping.

This is something that I almost dread every year because the cost of buying Christmas Gifts is always on the rise and the list of people that I need to buy for is forever increasing!!

So this year I was trying to think of items that I could maybe make myself, this way I could maybe make it less expensive and lets be honest, the personal touch is always better, well in my opinion it is.

For alot of people I tend to buy some sort of sweet or chocolate, normally a variety of selection box, so I thought why not make my own sweetie jars.

I managed to find a bargain on Ebay, 25 sweetie jars for just £17.

I then got myself down poundland and spent £8 on an assortment of different sweets, including the all important flying saucers and sherbert sticks.

Then came the task of filling up 25 jars with lots of sweeties, I tried to make sure that all jars had roughly the same amount in.

All that was left to do was tie some ribbon around each jar and pop a bow on them, this I had left over from last years presents so didn't cost me a penny.

So there we have it I spent the grand total of £25 which might seem like alot but when you break it down there are 25 jars so that has cost me £1 per jar, now to try and not eat all the sweets whilst I wait for Christmas to get here :)



  1. Great idea! I bet the recipients will love them. x

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    1. My thinking was that I would love receiving something like this so fingers crossed others will too :)

  2. They look fab! What a great idea!!

  3. Thanks for sharing, yes I think we all need t find nice, original presents, and what better than colourful and handmade.


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