Friday 1 November 2013

Stylfile Nipper Clipper + App Review

Stylfile is a range of innovative curved nailcare range created by Tom Pellereau. The idea of this range is to make nail clipping and filing a lot simpler. The range includes the S-File, the S-Clipper and the S-Buffer.

Tom has recently added a new product to his range, The Nipper Clipper complete with Baby S-File. He very cleverly noticed a gap in the market, fnding that a lot parents struggle on a daily basis to trim their baby/young child's nails. I have definitely had these problems in the past, little ones tend to not sit still and I have always been worried that I may hurt them whilst trying to shorten the nails. The Nipper Clipper is set to solve these problems.

style file nipper clipper

Myself and four other Mumsnet bloggers were chosen to review the Nipper Clipper as well as the brand new app, Timmy Tickle Baby, which works alongside the Nipper Clipper.

The Nail Clipper itself is the smaller version of the S-Clipper with an added safety spy hole at the top, allowing you to see exactly what you are doing. With curved scissor like blades, the way it cuts is very clever too as the clipper overlaps at the from rather than the top and bottom pushing together, a lot safer in my opinion.

I really like the orange handle as this makes it a lot simpler to grip on to whilst you are holding your little one at the same time.

The Baby S-File that comes with the Nipper Clipper is a lovely addition to the package, no sharp ends and it allows you to easily get rid of any sharp edges left after trimming your child's nails. The shape of it makes it comfortable to hold whilst using it.

Now the app, Timmy Tickle Baby, which works alongside the Nipper Clipper can be found on iTunes and is available to download for free. It is designed to distract your child as you trim their nails, taking their attention away from the task at hand. Timmy Tickle is a bright and fun animated octopus that talks to your child as he changes what he is and with added music, it really is entertaining. Just take a look at the pictures below :

timmy tickle app

You can pick from three different modes : Auto control - aimed at newborn babies, Sound control - more suited to 6 months+, Timmy responds to the sounds your baby makes and Voice control - aimed at older children who can say what they can see on the screen.

I found the Autoplay and the Sound modes worked well with my 15 month old, she thought they were very funny. I used the voice control with my 3 year old and I have to say it seemed a bit tempremental, it didn't always pick up the words she was saying, even when she was shouting them loudly, although my daughter still enjoyed trying to get Timmy's attention. 

Overall I love the Nipper Clipper and Timmy Tickle app. I can't fault the clipper, it has made cutting nails a less daunting task, the spy hole is a great feature that takes the worry out of the task and it cuts the time it takes to do in half.

The Timmy Tickle app is a great idea in itself but I found that for my 15 month old although yes it distracted her from the idea of me cutting her nails, she also wanted to reach out and touch the iPad which in turn made it difficult for me to cut her nails. However not all children will be like Layla so this isn't a huge negative. It has actually turned out to be fun for all my girls, even when not cutting nails they have happily sat down and played on it together.

The Nipper Clipper and Baby S-File come in a package priced at £9.99, a great price for a product that will be used many many times and can be found in Sainsbury's, Amazon, Mothercare, Boots and local pharmacies, I think it will soon become a must have baby item.

* I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network Research Panel, a group of parent bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have not paid for the product or to attend the event. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity* 

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  1. I saw these the other day in Sainsbury's and as I'm really bad about getting round to clipping N's toe nails, I really should pick one up. Good to hear what it's really like #PoCoLo

    1. Definitely worth the money, I used to make my mum do it because I didn't want to hurt my kids, this has made it a lot easier x

  2. This is fab! I knew Tom had developed this but I didn't realise that there was one for kids! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. Thanks for hosting!!! We love it, has definitely made the whole task easier x


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