Saturday 28 December 2013

Adventures of the Shir Sha - Pharha's Quest Review

My eldest daughter is the biggest fan of books and if you have read my previous posts, you will know that when she grows up she would love to be an author. I was recently asked to review a book called Adventures of the Shir Sha - Pharha's Quest, this book is written by Sami Jaffer and is aimed at children aged 8 and above so I thought it would be appropriate for Elise to read and review the book herself.

adventures of the shir sha pharhas quest

The story follows a young girl, she takes us on a journey from her small village right out into a land filled with strange creatures and people. Along the way she learns some important lessons with some help from others…

Elise spent 3 weeks reading the book and below is what she thought about it :

I like the story, it was quite adventurous and I think it would definitely keep readers interested. One of the characters was really weird, it was Zodishan the Scoundrel, he was so funny in places. This is one of the sentences that I found funny :

"Oh so impatient! Beware of where that gets thee to lady."

I like the way Pharha was not going to give up. It was so nice to hear the happy ending but in the next Pharha story I think Pharha and Careen will end up being boyfriend and girlfriend but no snogging!!

I too read the book and I agree with Elise, it was lovely seeing such a strong and courageous character in Pharha, her quest in the story is bringing back the village's medicine man who has disappeared and I think she makes quite the role model for young girls they way along the way. 

The book is written well and manages to keep you interested until the end, great book for teaching your child about patience. I am now being pestered by Elise to find out when the next book will be out. 

You can currently purchase the kindle edition of this book over on amazon, if you have a daughter aged around 8 or above, I would recommend them reading it.


Disclaimer : We were sent this book free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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