Friday 27 December 2013

Remembering Buddy

I know Christmas is over. It always finishes far too quickly so before I wave goodbye to it for another year, I thought I would look back on December, the month we were introduced to Buddy, that sometimes naughty little elf on a shelf.

Day 1 : Buddy arrived from the North Pole and with him 25 gifts to count down the days to Christmas, the girls later found out that each gift contained a new book to read.

Day 2 : Just so we could know him better, Buddy gave the girls an elf on the shelf DVD which was played repeatedly throughout the month.

Day 3 : Naughty Buddy was caught eating mine and Daddy Hazelden's advent calendar chocolates, we were less than impressed!!

Day 4 : I'm not sure whether he needed to blow his nose but lets just say a tad too much tissue was unraveled from the toilet roll that day.

Day 5 : Buddy redeemed himself slightly by wrapping the lounge door up, he ended up stuck in the sellotape which the girls found hilarious.

Day 6 : When we awoke we found a note from buddy which came complete with some elf seeds, Freya was sure they looked like green tic tacs but they later turned out to grow into candy canes so she was proved wrong ;)

Day 7 : Buddy got caught with scissors in hand making some stunning snowflake decorations.

Day 8 : This naughty little elf just couldn't help himself, getting drunk on golden syrup tut tut.

Day 9 : When we came downstairs we found a lovely scene, Buddy treated all his fellow Christmas buddies to a tea party.

Day 10 : We got to find out exactly what list Santa was putting the children on, to their relief they were all on the nice list, although by the end of that day I'm pretty sure that status had changed!!

Day 11 : Buddy was obviously getting lonely because we found him cosied up to one of the Monster High dolls having a lovely cotton wool bubbly bath.

Day 12 : We really should have taken better care of our elf because we never gave him a bed, he ended up sleeping in the tissue box.

Day 13 : The girls were treated to some Snowman soup (hot chocolate), I managed to persuade them that mummy needed some too.

Day 14 : Buddy was obviously chanelling his inner angel because we found him trying to climb to the top of the Christmas tree.

Day 15 : Obviously not content with his tissue box bed, Buddy managed to sneak his way into to bed with me.

Day 16 : Still in angel mode, Buddy was found making beautiful snow angels.

Day 17 : More gifts, some arts and crafts as well some whistle lollies for my eldest too to take in for their class mates, something the other parents would later curse me for, oops.

Day 18 : Buddy ordered some elf doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, who knew they made doughnuts so small.

Day 19 : I think he was as excited for Christmas as us, joining in with the countdown whilst abseiling down my blinds.

Day 20 : Last day of the school term and the girls were presented with instructions on how to make an elf breakfast.

Day 21 : Story time for the cuddly toys, must have been a good one because they were all very quiet.

Day 22 : Poor Buddy, all these antics made him a little run down, throat sweets, tissues and beechams at the ready.

Day 23 : I think I was more impressed with the gift that Buddy gave us, a stunning gingerbread house, complete with loads and loads of candy, including runts and nerds!!!

Day 24 : This was a sad day, Buddy was going back to the North Pole, as a parting gift, he left the girls with some reindeer food to sprinkle out on the lawn.

We are already looking forward to next December, wonder if the same elf will visit us again?



  1. Aww! How fantastic! Seems like Buddy had a lot of fun!! x

  2. Wow what a brilliant idea, great way to keep the magic alive!

    1. Looking forward to doing it again next year :) x

  3. What a great post - I'm sure Buddy will be missed.

    1. He definitely will, the kids have already been asking if he is coming back yet lol x

  4. Buddy sounds amazing, may have to do this for Bethany this year :) x


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