Tuesday 3 December 2013

Cycling Safely

As our children grow there are always new skills that they are beginning to develop such as learning to walk, learning to talk or even learning to read.

Recently my eldest daughter has started to show an interest in learning to ride a bike, now this is something that I am leaving up to Daddy Hazelden because I myself even though I can ride a bike, I've never been confident doing it. And the trouble is I know the lack of my own confidence mixed in with worrying about Elise won't help her.

I was recently reading an article from Bolt Burden Kemp, they had produced a cycling safety survey, asking 1000 children about certain aspects of cycling and just how much they really knew. It made for an interesting read and gave me a good idea as a parent of just what I should be teaching my child and how I can best prevent any accidents from occuring.

Just take a look at some of their findings below :

It was surprising to see just how many children answered yes to riding without a helmet and how many said they used some sort of device whilst our cycling too.

I think the trouble is as our children get older it becomes harder to inforce things especially when they are out of sight. I am hoping that my girls will be sensible enough to know to keep their helmets on and keep their eyes on the road!!

Are your children keen cyclists, do you have any tips on how to keep our kids safe when out on their bikes???


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  1. If everybody had to wear helmets then it would be viewed as normal. Our roads are too busy and unsafe these days to not wear a helmet!

    1. Very true!!! some people seem too willing to take the risk though don't they!! x

  2. It's like a law in our house to wear a helmet on scooters or bikes, it needs to become normal so we need to make our kids generation the ones who just put their helmets on as normal

    1. I make mine wear helmets when on their scooters too x

  3. I definitely think the older generation are teaching our children bad habits.


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