Wednesday 18 December 2013

Hotel Chocolat Heaven

I don't really have a sweet tooth as such but at Christmas I do like to indulge in the odd chocolate or ten. It's funny because recently a few people have been recommending that I try Hotel Chocolat chocolate, so when I got asked if I would like to review something from their Christmas range, I was eager to find out exactly what this chocolate tasted like.

I chose the mingles and jingles bag because I thought it would be perfect for sharing with my whole family. It says on the description that it contains 35 chocolates but if I'm honest I wasn't expecting the bag to be very big, I'm pleased to say I was wrong.

hotel chocolat mingles and jingles

The chocolates come in a beautifully decorated sack, just like what Santa would carry, the packaging with the Hotel Chocolat label printed on it immediately has you excited for what it contains inside, it seems to ooze quality.

Each chocolate comes individually wrapped and on the packaging it tells you what the packet contains. There are a mix of milk chocolates, caramel chocolates and white chocolates.

hotel chocolat

The sack contains a variety of Christmas characters, angels, penguins and bells. I personally loved the bells. I can't believe how much detail is on each individual chocolate. My 5 year old happened to notice that it looked like the bell had glitter sprinkled over it, it almost seemed a shame to eat them.

We chose the chocolates in a lucky dip style, shaking the bag up and then popping our hand in to pick our prize, I think everyone ended up winning although it did get a bit competitive because someone kept picking out the penguins!!

Now to the best part, the taste. I can now see what my friends were talking about, these chocolates taste divine. Each chocolate is smooth and creamy, it just melts in your mouth. The flavours are mouth watering and definitely leave you wanting more. I would say they aren't too sweet either so perfect for all the family.

I would be one happy lady if I received more of these for Christmas, hint hint Daddy Hazelden ;) I really wished I had tried Hotel Chocolat sooner, seems I've been missing out!!


Disclaimer : I was sent these chocolates free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I love Hotel Chocolat chocolate - trouble is once you've had good chocolate nothing else is good enough

    1. that is so true!! I'm well and truly hooked on these now x


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