Wednesday 18 December 2013

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells and Repeat.

Today was the day of a little Christmas show around Gracie's playschool. For the past few weeks I have had countless renditions of Jingle Bells sung to me because Gracie of course needed to practice as much as possible. Although I was really looking forward to the live version of Jingle Bells, I was secretly hoping that there might just be a couple more songs to listen to as well.

So this morning I had one excited 3 year old all ready to be dressed up like 'Christmas', I wasn't exactly sure what dressing up like Christmas entailed but was informed that it actually meant wearing her Mrs Santa dress. I also found out that what she was actually excited about was getting to wear her white party shoes, it's the little things!!

It was definitely a proud mummy moment watching Gracie sing, last year she wasn't quite old enough to remember all the words, so it was lovely seeing her not only singing but joining in with the actions too. And I am happy to report we got treated to performances of Christmas pudding, twinkle twinkle little star, little snowman and of course jingle bells.

And an even better moment was when she spotted her Uncle Alec in the crowd, I've never seen a smile so big and she couldn't wait to tell her teachers just who was there.

Once the performance had ended each child was then presented with a Christmas gift from playschool, Gracie wasn't overly impressed with the orange that she found amongst the sweets and chocolate, I have a feeling she might have the same reaction when she opens her stocking Christmas day ;)

This performance was actually a bit emotional for me because it was Gracie's last Christmas performance at playschool as next year she will be starting primary school, just doesn't seem possible.

Have you been to watch your children in their Christmas plays or concerts yet?



  1. Total proud mummy moment, she looks so sweet in her little shoes too!


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