Thursday 12 December 2013

Mr Men - The Christmas Tree Review

We all enjoy a good book in the Hazelden household so we were more than happy to review the Mr Men book, The Christmas Tree.

mr men the christmas tree
The book is another Mr Men classic written by the lovely Roger Hargreaves.

The story follows Mr Forgetful on his quest to get a Christmas tree because yep you've guessed it, Mr Forgetful forgot to get one.

At the beginning of the story all of the Christmas trees were sold out.

Mr Happy had tried his best to remind him but poor Mr Forgetful just couldn't remember .

Throughout the story we get to see lots of other classic Mr Men including Mr Happy, Mr Greedy and Mr Nonsense and we even get to see Father Christmas himself.

mr happy

The book is in paperback form and measuring around 13cm x 14.5cm, it is the perfect size for small hands to hold on to.

Filled with plenty of the classic images we have come to know and love, the pictures help bring the story to life and really captivate your child.

With short sentences written on every other page, it is all very simple yet ever so magical.

My children were getting very worried as I was reading as to whether Mr Forgetful would get his Christmas tree, my three year old was kind enough to say that he could have ours if he wanted it, I myself was a bit more reluctant to give away my own Christmas tree!!!

The book itself is 31 pages long which quite long but with pictures on every other page it is actually the perfect length.

Whilst reading the story we spent time picking out things in each of the pictures, counting Christmas trees and remembering what each of the Mr Men were called.

Another classic Mr Men book and a great edition to our Christmas book collection, and priced at £2.90, it would make the perfect stocking filler too.


Disclaimer : I was sent this book free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I grew up on Mr Men books! It's good that they're still going :)


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