Friday 17 January 2014

How to Make Car Journeys Entertaining For Children

During the Christmas period a lot of you may have come across the challenge of how to keep your children occupied throughout a long car journey. I myself have problems sometimes keeping my kids entertained however there are ways to keep them busy. Here are 5 top tips :

Take different snacks for your little ones to eat.

Always think about what type of snacks you are providing them with though. Fruits and things like chunks of cheese are always good as I think it is a good idea to avoid any sugar rushes. I find water and squash are always better than fizzy drinks too. Another good way to keep those little hands busy is to give them their own snack boxes and drink bottles.

Think about a few games that they will enjoy.

Of course there are many different car games to choose from and many of them will be well known to you as I'm sure like me, you played them as a child too. My favourites have to be I-spy and spot the red car. Another good choice is the grocery game, this is a memory game where the objective for the players is to memorise what they want to buy at the supermarket. 

Sing along to music or read a story

I've always found a good distraction for my children is either putting the radio on or popping in their favourite CD and singing loud and proud, of course you can have a good wiggle in your seat too. Another great alternative is putting on an audiobook.  If your children are older, they may want to listen to something on theur own MP3 player.

Taking a nap

This is something I wish I could do more often, parents are you with me? Travelling at night time may just be the best time to go on a long journey with children because your children may just fall into their usual routine and sleep and in turn this will create a relatively stress free time for everyone. 

Let them run off all their extra energy

When on a long journey, there will of course be times where you will need to stop and have a break. Use this time to let your children run around and explore, hopefully this will mean that they let off some steam and in turn will make them tired and perhaps take a nap for some of the duration of the journey.

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