Saturday 18 January 2014

Project 365 Days 12 - 18

I have to admit I am quite impressed with myself for keeping up with this challenge. So I've made it to week three, here we have some more weird and wonderful photos of my children.

Day 12

The girls were all kept entertained by the electrokit they had been sent and as you can see, they managed to get the lightbulb to light up.

Day 13

Layla has a new obssession with her sisters boots, Elise has already grown tired of mummy stalking her with camera, this day she was "bowl face". Gracie some how ended up with boots fingers? Whilst Freya was concentrating on some programme, I'm not down with the kids enough to know what it was called.

Day 14

Mini fry up day which included sausage, scrambled egg, hash brown, bake beans and muffins :)

Day 15

I was trying to get a photo of them all together but I think you can tell that someone wasn't overly impressed.

Day 16

I have very little say in what my children choose to wear to bed these days.

Day 17

One sleep baby, my lovely book worm, Gracie wanted you all to know she loves doc mctstuffin and I couldn't resist that big cheeky smile.

Day 18

A stunning fairy who decided she was happy to post for the camera. Layla didn't want her dinner so was feeding it to her big sister instead, whilst little Gracie can be seen with chocolate chops even those she swears she didn't eat any.


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  1. I love your photos, they always make me smile - and Layla is totally rocking the hat and boots bedtime combo ;-)

  2. So many great smiles! And well done for getting 3/4 looking at the camera in one shot :)

  3. Beautiful photos of beautiful girls. I hope you've a strong lock on the door for when they are older.

    day 16 is my fave

    1. lol, if that's what they wear to bed I dread to think what they would go out in lol x

  4. I used to love doing circuits when I was younger. Must find a set like this, I think my Little miss would love it.
    Love that pic of your girls together too.
    Your pics always make me smile. x

  5. Chantelle, the girls are gorgeous! You must be so proud! I particularly love the one of them on the sofa togther! Lovely family shots! x

  6. Your girls are gorgeous and so happy

    1. I'll have to get a grumpy photo and show you their moody side ;) x

  7. well done on sticking with it!! some beautiful photos this week xx

  8. Hun, your girls are adorable!! Such lovely photo's and fun sounding days :o)

  9. loving the fairy outfit!!! such brilliant pictures x

    1. that is her favourite one, always putting it on x

  10. I love looking at kids photos.. Fabulous clicks. Loved all of them.

    Sending smiles!


  11. Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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