Monday 13 January 2014

Read With Me #2

Welcome to week 2 of Read With Me. I was pleased to see a couple of you linking up with me last week, I have now added those book suggestions to my "to read" list.

If you are new to this linky, first of all let me say hello and thanks for popping by.

Secondly please do have a read here about what this linky is all about and why I started it.

So last week I read the book 'Running Barefoot' written by Amy Harmon.

Having read one of her books previously, I was expecting good things and she didn't disappoint.

The story follows Josie Jensen who at the age of 9 lost her mother and ends up growing up very fast, looking after both her brothers and her father, she becomes more like and adult than a child.

Along her journey she we find out that she is musically gifted, playing piano, a truely clever young girl.

At the age of thirteen she forms an unlikely friendship with eighteen year old Native AMerican Navajo, Samuel, helping him through a dark and destructive phase that hee is going through at that time.

When Samuel graduates high school he leaves the small town they live in to join the Marines, Josie is left behind to get on with her life.

amy harmon running barefoot
I don't want to say too much as I feel you should read the book yourself and have a chance to really connect with the characters.

This book is beautifully romantic.

It is full of emotion, both happy and sad, it really takes you on an emotional roller coaster.

I was left laughing at times whilst at others I was left with tears in my eyes.

The story builds at a brilliant pace and I was left not able to put my kindle down as I just needed to see how everything ended.

Whilst reading you are learning, Amy gives you an insight into the Navajo way of life and you are taught many things about classical music and the composers behind the songs.

I found myself living the story with the characters, it really tugged on my heart strings.

Now over to you lot. Please do come and link up with your posts, let me know what you have been reading, perhaps a book you love to read again and again or even a post to tell people about a book that just didn't live up to your expectations.

I will tweet and pin all posts that are linked up. Please feel free to grab my badge and it would be lovely if you could comment on another post or two that have linked up too. Happy Reading.



  1. Sounds great, I love a bit of whimsical romance, great idea for a linky my dear! I've linked in (if it worked as I'm not good with these things!) with a review post, but have just started a great book that I'll blog about next week :)

    1. It has worked, thanks for linking up, off to look at your post :) x

  2. Sounds like a great book! Might have to give it a read at some point. And as I keep meaning to post more book reviews, I will have to come and join up on your linky! :)

    1. Definitely, it will be running every week so plenty of time to link up, looking forward to reading your post x

  3. Sounds like a fab read! I should read more, I miss reading :) x

    1. I was missing it last year so making more of an effort this year :) x

  4. Love the sound of this book, off to take a look on Amazon now! Thanks for linking up with #Tried&Tested

  5. I need to get reading again - will add this to my wish list!
    Thanks for linking up this week :)

  6. what a lovely idea :) x i'm definatly going to start reading that book and will suggest some of mine when I find one I would love to share :)

  7. Sounds fabulous but alas I never get a chance to read or if I do I don't get to finish it... Except when I'm on holiday! I do love a good book though! :-)

  8. I don't want to read and run so I'm leaving a little comment (not got a post to link up with though lol). This sounds really good. I haven't read in ages - not since before I had Oscar. I think I may start again once he's in his own bedroom though :)

    Louise x

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