Monday 20 January 2014

Read With Me #3

Welcome to week 3 of my 'Read With Me' linky. I have found myself really enjoying the time I've made for reading, even if it has only been in 5 minute blocks sometimes. This week I managed to read not one, not two but three books, admittedly one of the books was only 29 pages long but it still counts.!!

Next on my list of books to read was the breach series written by K I Lynn,

This book follows two characters, Delilah Palmer and Nathan Thorne.

When I began reading Breach, I thought it would be about an office romance but I soon found out that it would be so much more.

Both Lila (her nickname) and Nathan are "damaged", having been through horrible things in their past.

Lila is a woman who has no self worth, forever put down when she was younger, she hides behind this confident mask.

Nathan is somewhat of a mystery he has both scars on the outside and on the inside however where these scars came from, we don't know.

With a great mix of romance and erotica, the first book, Breach had me hooked and the ending had me needing to read the next one straight away, believe me when I say there is a huge cliffhanger, not something you see coming.

K I Lynn Breach
As I found out you don't necessarily need to read book 1.5, Dissolution. At only 29 pages long, it is a super quick read and just gives a little insight as to what Nathan is feeling however you could easily read book 2 without reading this however it was a lovely added extra.

Book 2, Infraction, begins where book 1 finished. We find out a bit more about Nathan's past and what has made him the man he is today. We also see Lila and Nathans relationship continue to strengthen. There was a lot more story and emotions in this one but just as gripping as Breach. I was left both disappointed and excited at the end because I was left with another cliff hanger, so now I need to wait for the next instalment, I cannot wait to see what happens next.

So come on tell me what have you been reading this week?? Any post that link up, I will tweet about and pin. It would be appreciated if you could comment on atleast one or two ohter posts that link up.



  1. I love this new linky, a great idea. It looks as though you've been doing an awful lot of reading this week x

    1. I turn into a night owl when I get gripped by a good book :)

  2. I linked up my review for Sworn Secret by Amanda Jennings, it's a YA novel but as a mature adult I enjoyed it very much.

  3. Have linked up what I've read this January


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