Tuesday 21 January 2014

Magic Painting

Whilst Layla was napping yesterday afternoon, Gracie and I decide to a little bit of magic painting.

You will need :

* white paper
* white crayon/pencil
* paint, peferably water colours but we used acrylic diluted with water
* paint brush

magic painting materials

With the white crayon draw whatever picture you want on the paper or perhaps you could even write a secret message, you can get as creative as you like.

Now dip your paint brush into the paint and paint over the piece of paper that you have just drawn on.

magic painting

And that is when the magic happens!!!

A picture will appear before your eyes. Just be careful not to get the paper too wet.

magic painting

A great quick and easy activity to do with your little ones. You can always try mixing colours, maybe creating a stripe effective, the possibilities are endless.


Mini Creations


  1. Brilliant idea! I can try this with Sienna :) xx

  2. Grace says - This is FANTASTIC!! I love this idea and a great way to write secret codes for my friends xxxx
    Lucas says - Awesome!! I may have to use this as a way of keeping all my wrestling moves secret from the Mother!!
    Thanks for linking into #minicreations

  3. oh my goodness i remember these from being a child!! i so have this on out list of things to do with Joshua! xx

  4. Great idea, might have to try this, thanks for sharing :)

  5. That is such a good idea! I'll have to try it with Flower & Bear

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