Wednesday 15 January 2014

Sugar and Crumbs Review

You must know by now that my kids and I love nothing more than to do a spot of baking. I am in no way a professional, I mean the finished product is never anything fancy but they do always taste delicious. Recently I was given the chance to review some scrummy cocoa powder and icing sugar from a new company, Sugar and Crumbs and when I saw the flavours that they had available, my mouth was already watering before I had had the chance to taste any.

Sugar and Crumbs is a family run business which is run in the UK, always nice to support our own countries businesses!! Their range includes 24 different flavour icing sugars, 5 different flavour cocoa powders and they also sell coloured sugar paste.

My goodies arrived in a  lovely Sugar and Crumbs bag which is now in my changing bag, saves using carrier bags.

In the bag was 3 different icing sugars and one sample bag of cocoa powder as well as recipe sheets for making a basic cake and butter icing.

Each product was packaged up in bright pink bags and the first thing I noted was that the bags were resealable, this I think is a great idea, no powder flying everywhere if it gets knocked over and it means that it is kept lovely and fresh when not in use. What I also liked was that there was a clear window at the front so that you could see the icing sugar/cocoa powder.

The flavours of icing sugar that I received were vanilla, tropical and  black cherry and I was given the chocolate cherry icing sugar.

sugar and crumbs

I have been waiting to make cakes with these because with all the chocolates, sweets and cakes in the house from Christmas, I didn't think we needed any more. However my godsons birthday is coming up so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make something a bit different.

Using the instructions that Sugar and Crumbs provided, my eldest daughter and I made chocolate cherry cupcakes with black cherry butter icing, complete with lots and lots of sprinkles.

The idea behind the cocoa powder is that you replace a quarter of your normal flour measurement with this, you could change the ratios to make the taste stronger/weaker but I found it to be just right. It mixed in very easily. The aroma that was coming out of the oven as they were baking was divine.

After the cakes had cooled, it was time to decorate them. The icing sugar can be used by itself to make icing/butter icing or you can mix it in with normal icing sugar to make as strong/weak as you like, depending whether you want just a hint of flavour or for the taste to really shine through. I mixed half and half and found this be perfect but everyones taste buds are different. 

cherry chocolate cupcakes

I know I said these were for my godson but I wouldn't be reviewing properly if I didn't eat one would I? The result, a beautifully moist cake underneath a wonderfully creamy icing, heaven in a cake I would say!! With prices starting from £2.99 for 250g of icing sugar and £4.99 for 250g of cocoa powder, it may seem slightly expensive at first but because you don't need to use to much at a time, these will last longer than normal icing sugars and cocoa powders and I think the flavours are too tasty to not buy.

I have two of my daughter's birthdays coming up so I am looking forward to trying out the different flavour icings on their cakes, I'm thinking of having to layers of icing so possibly having two different flavours on the cake.

Having looked on their site at the other flavours available, I am now eager to try the chocolate coconut cocoa powder and the white chocolate flavour icing, might just make a  birthday cake for myself :)

You can find Sugar and Crumbs both on Facebook and Twitter to keep you up to date on all their latest flavours!!!


Disclaimer : I was sent these products free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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