Thursday 6 February 2014

Banana and Oat Pancake Recipe

I love pancakes but I was getting bored of having the same ones all of the time and because I am trying in vain to lose weight. This month I am joining in the OXO pancake day blogger challenge so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try and conjour up a slightly healthier pancake recipe for us all to eat.

To make the challenge of making pancakes slighlty easier, OXO kindly sent me one of their flip & fold omlette turners, yes I know an omelette isn't a pancake but technically making them uses the same kind of processes!!


For the pancakes :

* 1 Banana
* 70g Porridge Oats
* 2 Egg Whites
* 1tsp Vanilla Essence

For the sauce :

* Peanut butter (I used crunchy but you can of course use smooth)


* Mash up the banana with a fork.

* Place the porridge oats, egg whites and vanilla essence into the bowl with the banana.

* Using a hand blender, blend all the ingredients together.

banana and oat pancakes

* Heat up some oil in a a frying pan, I used 1 cal spray.

* Place on spoonful of the mixture in the centre of the pan, cook for around two minutes and then flip over, cooking for another one to two minutes until golden brown. I have to say I was grateful the flip and fold turner, the size and flexibility of it allowed me to easily glide it underneath the pancake to turn it over.

* Whilst the last pancake is cooking, place a couple of tablespoons full of peanut butter in a jug and heat on high for around a minute.

* Pop the pancakes on a plate and drizzle over the melted peanut butter.

banana and pat pancakes

This recipe makes 4 pancakes so if you want to make more just double the ingredients. I found these perfect to have at breakfast time.

So how do you make your pancakes and what is your favourite topping??



  1. Oooh, oaty pancakes? Good thinking! I shall try it. Thank you for linking up to #recipeoftheweek. It’s always appreciated :) I’ve Pinned and Tweeted this post and there’s a new linky just gone live - would love you to join in x

  2. Yummy this looks delicious, was looking to try something different with pancakes, thanks for sharing...


  3. Bananas are so tasty and nutritious. Good combination with nuts and maple syrup.


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