Monday 17 February 2014

Read With Me #7

Last week I found it hard to fit in reading books between all the sickness that was flying around the house but whenever I had a free moment I had my kindle in hand.

read with me
The book I am giving a review of this week is The Light in The Wound written by Christine Brae.

This has been on my to read list for a while so when I saw it listed in the free books list on kindle I just had to purchase it.

Isobel is a girl who comes from a privileged background but unsurprisingly this doesn't mean that life has always been good for her. Her parents divorce when she is young but not only is she separated from her father and two sisters, she is separated from her mother too and is made to live with her grand parents. She grows up somewhat isolated and feeling very lonely.

She tends not to date as she doesn't want to fall in love and repeat the same mistakes of her parents and then along comes Jesse Cain. Although a different class to Isobel, there is an instant attraction that will soon build into more. However at the same time she meets Alex, he is of the same privileged background and he becomes a much needed friend and shoulder to cry on in her life.

I'm sure you can guess that a kind of love triangle begins, not that Isobel is aware of this. She is blissfully in love with Jesse, so blinded by love that in the beginning she doesn't see how controlling Jesse is getting and just how willing he is to leave her behind so that he meet his goals in life and become a success, he sees Isobel as one of his goals. Honestly throughout the book I loved to hate him.

Alex was there to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. I personally was team Alex the whole time I was reading this story. A genuinely kind person who is willing to put other peoples feelings first.

The story is packed full of emotion, it takes you on journey that spans from their teenage years right up to adulthood. You see first loves, second chances, heart ache and unconditional love.

christine brae light in the wound

From reading what I have written you probably think you already have the story sussed but I can tell you it had me guessing right til the end just who Isobel would end up with and just when I thought I got my HEA, I found out that there was a second book to read!!!

For a debut novel, I found it extremely well written, the story flowed so well that I read it all in one night, definitely one for all those romance lovers.

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  1. Sounds like a well written story. x

    1. I was really impressed especially seen as it was her first book x


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