Saturday 8 March 2014

Project 365 Days 61 - 67

March has arrived and it bought some Spring sunshine with it too. Nice to see some flowers blooming and being able to step outdoors without getting rained on.

Day 61

The sun was shining so we took our first trip of the year up to Dover Castle.

Day 62

The girls were all congregated on the stairs for a secret meeting.

Day 63

Pancake day!!! I think they were competing with each other to see who get the most on their pancakes.

Day 64

Wednesday is the day of the week we spend with Nannie, this week they decided to get Nannie doing some baking with them.

Day 65

Layla took a fancy to the girls dressing up earrings, Gracie dug out her sunglasses and Elise and Freya found a new way to communicate with each other.

Day 66

Layla got caught stealing more shoes, think she was hinting for some converses of her own? Gracie was having a funny 5 minutes and Elise and Freya were getting their homework done early incase the good weather that's promised over the weekend actually appears. 

Day 67

Sisterly love was occurring, Cindrella came to visit and Elise was showing off how independent she is by making her own breakfast.


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  1. Love the secret meeting on the stairs, wonder what it was about?

  2. got to love a secret meeting!! bless them!

  3. Cinderella looks so pleased with herself! x

  4. Maybe it was Mother Days they were discussing! I love how the girls are always playing together and seem so happy! #Project365

  5. Super cute. I love the sisterly bonding and the secret meetings

  6. awww some really lovely shots this week, i love the dressing up earrings one and the kiss .. aww so so cute :-)

  7. Oh how lovely, so many wonderful shots. Especially love the first ones and pancake day but the secret meeting on the stairs is pretty special too :)

    1. Thanks hun, was finding it hard to pick my favourites this week x

  8. What gorgeous shots - princesses, castles, cakes, independent breakfast preparing and earrings - all fabulous! Oh, and homework too - thanks for the reminder....

  9. Fabulous week! I am never tired of watching little one's pic. Love reading them grow..:)

    You're so blessed and stay blessed always!

    Sending smiles and love!


  10. There are some beautiful pictures there hun it is so hard to pick a favourite! I do love the sisterly love picture though, my heart fills whenever I watch mine together. Have a great week xx

  11. Your Dover Castle pics are great. How great is it to be able to go on outdoor adventures?!
    I love how every picture seems to show how well your girls get on, they always look so happy in each other's company.
    Ooo there is a plot afoot on the stairs! x

    1. So nice getting back outside without wellies and umbrellas in hand!! Haha I shall have to get more pics of when they aren't getting along lol. I am still none the wiser as to what they were plotting either!! x


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