Wednesday 23 April 2014

OXOtot Cups and Snack Bowl Review

Layla is now at the stage where she wants to be as independent as possible and that includes when it comes to meal and snack times, she wants to do everything for herself. OXOtot have produced a range of feeding products that help our little ones transition from baby to big kid with ease, well atleast that's what I'm told. I was sent a couple of products from their range to try out, I had my fingers crossed that it would allow her to do things without me needing step in, something she is not a fan of no matter how much she struggles!!

oxotot feeding range

I received : 

Flippy Snack Cup
Training Cup
Twist Top Water Bottle 

What I love about this range is the colours, very eye catching, great for getting little ones interesting, you can choose between blue, green and pink, being a very girly household, I opted for pink.

Snack Cup

This has become something we cannot do without. 

The handle makes it simple to hold and can even be hung off a buggy handle if you wanted to.

The opening where they get the snack out is flexible and soft and just the right size for little hands but magically lets nothing fall back out of the cup. 

oxotot snack cup

I love how the lid screws shut as there is no need to worry about it popping off and it even comes  with a cover that snaps on ensuring that snacks stay fresh when you are out and about. 

It is the perfect size to pop in your changing bag or handbag and although small to look at holds a surprising amount!! Well worth the £6.00 price tag.

Training Cup

I really love this cup. It transforms from a training cup into a normal cup simply by inserting or taking out the clear lid which has perforations around the whole of the perimeter. The perforations means that your child will have no trouble drinking whichever way they decide to hold their cup.

It has soft non slip grips around the outside, allowing for easy gripping and you can see liquid levels at the side.

oxotot training cup

The cup grows with your child, meaning no need to buy anymore cups, priced at £6.64, you are essentially getting two cups in one, a bargain!! 

I have to admit Layla hasn't taken to the cup yet, she tried it but wasn't thrilled when she spilt water over herself, we will be trying again over the next few weeks.

Twist Top Water Bottle

This has become Layla's favourite cup to drink out of, she takes it everywhere with her.

The twist lid makes it a non spill cup when the lid is closed and keeps the flexible straw safe and clean when not in use.

The carry loop makes it easy for little ones to carry it around.

oxotot twist top water bottle

Being 300ml, it carries plenty of liquid and the wide opening makes it easy peasy to add in any drink or even ice and it makes for easy cleaning too, the only negative from this is that it may be too wide for some little ones to get their hands round.

Slightly more expensive at £8.00 but I think it is still a reasonable price as it will be used time and time again.

Overall a lovely range, helpful for parents and their little ones and it did indeed allow Layla to demonstrate her independence.


Disclaimer : These products were sent to me free of charge for reviewing puposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. They look like very girly cups in the pink! ;)

  2. These look great. We had a snack pot very similar and much prefer this style x

  3. Hey the twist top water bottle looks like something I WOULD USE!! fab review :-) #triedtested

  4. That water bottle looks really good, as I'm on the lookout for something similar for Little Man, thanks

  5. I love the look of the OXOtot range.....Fab review x


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