Wednesday 23 April 2014

You Could Win With #SofiatheFirst

Do you have a Sofia the First fan in your house? Well you might be pleased to know that Leapfrog have just launched a LeapReader Junior Sofia the First book. To celebrate this with all of you, LeapFrog are offering you all the chance to win not only a copy of the new book but a LeapReader Junior too.

LeapReader Junior Sofia the FIrst book

So what do you have to do??

Tomorrow, on the 24th of April, myself and my daughter Gracie will be starting our very own Sofia the First story on twitter.

I will then be asking one of my followers to continue the story.

LeapReader Junior

Each time the next person needs to use the hashtag #SofiatheFirst to continue the story and they need to nominate someone else at the end of their tweet to continue the story.

For example I would tweet :

Once upon a time #SofiatheFirst met a new friend, a tiger @joeblogs

Everyone that gets involved will be in with a chance to win a LeapReader Junior and a LeapReader Junior Sofia the First book.

So make sure that you log into twitter tomorrow and follow the hashtag #SofiatheFirst to follow the story, who knows how it will end….



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