Saturday 10 May 2014

Project 365 Days 124 - 130

I have to admit this week I have become a little less motivated when it comes to taking photos, it isn't that I don't want to but it seems like recently I am sharing similar photos each day for project 365 with you all, now. This week I have tried to get myself back on the healthy wagon, lots of exercise!! And this is also the week where Daddy Hazelden is off from Tuesday to Friday, this means the laptop is not in my clutches and lots of questions as to why am I taking another photo, he doesn't quite understand my need/want to do it, good job the girls don't mind ;)

Day 124

A day in the sunshine, admiring the fountain, throwing pennies and making wishes and of course every Bank Holiday needs a picnic.

Day 125

Layla was "cleaning" the floor, I've trained her well ;) The other three well I'm not sure what they were up too lol.

Day 126

I dared to touch Freya's curly fries, bad mum.!! My heart melted when I caught Elise and Layla reading early morning whilst Gracie showed off her puzzzling skills.

Day 127

Gracie became a great pillow whilst Layla had an afternoon snooze. I hate to say it but my kids love tele and at this moment Elise couldn't take her eyes off it, iCarly was on!! Oh and Freya got caught stealing the jelly beans, monkey!!!

Day 128

Of course the best time to read to mummy is when she's in the bath. I couldn't resist giving Layla a teeny tiny pony tail and Elise was more than happy to give Gracie a piggy back to the dining room table.

Day 129

Freya was being a good girl and getting her homework done early so she can enjoy her weekend. Poor Gracie was in the wars today, falling over before playschool and hurting her chin and knee. Layla is turning into quite the artist and Elise after 5 years of wearing glasses finally got a spare pair, which she just had to wear!!

Day 130

A rainy Saturday morning called for no rushing to get dressed. Gracie at 4 still fits perfectly on the toddler toy, Elise has me worried, poor baby on its head!!! While Freya and Layla, partners in crime, were sliding around on my cushions, atleast I'll have a clean floor.


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  1. I enjoy looking at your photos, it's nice to see what you get up to :) That photo by the fountain is gorgeous and her little pony tail so cute x

  2. Great photo's as usual Chantelle! I love the one of the girls at the fountain! x

  3. Lovely photos as ever. My husband doesn't even know I do 365! I take all the pics when he's not around! Not that I have my kids in them usually, so it's easier. My kids have never had spare glasses either. If they break them we just dig out an old pair which isn't too badly damaged! Sometimes that means going quite a long way back!

    1. that's what I always did with the glasses lol. yes it is hard to hide me taking pictures of the girls constantly ;) x

  4. I love how you are still managing to capture them all every day - the book reading is far too cute!

    1. I love moments like those, nice to know they are so close x

  5. Great clicks. Super cool girls :)

  6. Great photos! I really like the photo of Layla sleeping on Gracie! x

  7. Arrr lovely photos, as always! Looks like they've had a busy time, I love the picture of the water fountain x #project365

    1. even when we aren't doing a lot we still feel rather busy lol x

  8. That fountain photograph is amazing, I really would love to jump into it! Don't worry about the same photos, this project isn't for the audience, it's for you to remember the little moments. Maybe try a theme? From where I stand or something?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365, new linky live from 9pm tonight.


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