Thursday 19 June 2014

Energy Boosting Smoothie Recipe

So while I'm unning myself on a beach somewhere ;) I've got a couple of guest posts for you reading pleasure. First up the love Kate from Family Fever shares with us a scrummy smoothie recipe :

Some days, I feel like I don’t stop at all. With school and nursery runs, clubs, work and household jobs I often don’t have time to sit down and eat a proper meal – let alone anything remotely healthy (yes I have had cake for breakfast before, please don’t judge me lol)

One way around this is to whizz up an energy boosting smoothie – full of the stuff I know I should eat but just, well, don’t. It goes down a storm with the children too!

energy boosting smoothie

  • Fruit and veg – whatever takes your fancy, whatever you have lying around. Try to include at least one ‘superfood’ type – something like blueberries, pomegranate, goji berries, wheatgrass, banana or avocado.
  • Milk 
  • Natural yogurt
  • Apple juice


It really couldn’t be simpler, there is no precise science involved here. 

  • Roughly chop your fruit and veg and toss it into a blender. 
  • Slosh in enough milk to cover the fruit/veg layer.
  • Add a generous spoonful of natural yogurt and a cup full of apple juice. 
  • Blend for about a minute and serve! If it’s too thick, add more juice or milk to get your preferred consistency. 

Tastes delicious, and you know that you are getting a quick blast of something healthy too.

A really great recipe, pergect to get your kids having their five a day!! What fruit or vegetables would you put in your smoothie??


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