Friday 20 June 2014

Growing Your Own Vegetables

My second guest post of the week comes from the lovely Jo over at My Monkeys Don't Sit Still. She is sharing with us just how she is getting her children more enthusiastic about eating those vegetables….

Do you have kiddies that are reluctant vegetable eaters? I know I have! One way we have found that helps them to try veg is to get them involved in growing your own. The first time we did this, we grew carrots and it worked a treat getting the eldest involved with sowing the carrot seeds and watching them grow. He helped thin them out and then pulled the carrots from the soil when they were ready and loved trying his own produce.
11/05 Getting prepared to plant the seeds
So this year we decided to grow some more veggies. Lettuce, peas and carrots to be precise. Get the kids involved in choosing the seeds. That way they feel like it's their idea! Of course don't forget the pots and containers and compost to pop them into. This activity not only helps the kids to get involved and hopefully try their own home grown produce but is fun and also teaches them how things grow. Keep the kids entertained for weeks to come with the watering and nurturing of their vegetables and see how delighted they are when they grow. Our little men loved helping Daddy to plant their seeds and water them. They've watched the veggies daily to see how they've grown and will continue to do so until they are ready. They each take it in turns to water their veg every evening and are delighted with the progress. Start by growing vegetables that you know are more likely to be consumed by the children and those that get good results. Of course don't forget to take plenty of photo's so that you can keep track of the progress the vegetables are making!
02/05 Progressing well - Lettuce, Carrots & we sneaked in Sunflowers too!
We hope to be eating our home grown veg very soon!

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