Sunday 22 June 2014

Project 365 Days 166 -172

This weeks project 365 post has gone up slightly later than usual this week because myself and Daddy Hazelden have been on holiday for half this week. This meant that I passed a camera on to my lovely mum who kindly volunteered to look after the children were away, so some of these pictures I'm only just seeing too :)

Day 166

I was trying to get an up to date picture of all the kids together, it didn't go well!!

Day 167

The girls were making use of the big mirror :)

Day 168

Layla fell asleep whilst reading in her bedroom, Freya got a picture of nannie cuddling Elise and Gracie and Freya were showing off their night wear.

Day 169

Freya was playing a game on the laptop, Layla was using her potty as a seat and Elise and Gracie found some bits from my wedding and were re creating the day.

Day 170

We found mr and mrs potato head hiding on top of the girls wardrobe, what funny faces they've made.

Day 171

Not sure why the girls were lying down on the patio but my mum thought it made for an interesting picture and Layla has found a new way to sit at the table.

Day 172

The kids were all scooting down the alley way next to our house!


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  1. i love this project, it will be so great to look back on. x

  2. love the lying on the patio and the up to date pic of all 4 together. My Potato head stand ins made me laugh

  3. Your Mum did a fab job by the looks of it Chantelle! Good on her. Hope you had a great break? Love the one of the four of them in the up to date shot! ;) x

  4. Hope you had a fantastic holiday! Your mum took some great pictures x

  5. i am loving the Mr Potato head faces :-) xxxxxxxxxxxx


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