Wednesday 23 July 2014

#100daysofplay With Chad Valley

I was recently lucky enough to be sent a couple of items from Chad Valley. These were given to us so that we could join in with their #100daysofplay.

We received the Chad Valley Road Adventure Pool which is worth £29.99 and a bag of multi-coloured balls which would be suitable to put in the pool or in a ball pit.

chad valley #100daysofplay

The paddling pool comes complete with :

* Stop Sign
* Road Cone
* Traffic Light With Removable Balls
* Car
* Rpad Print on The Paddling Pool
* Repair Kit

Now someone stupidly threw away the pump so I was left to blow it up by myself but I must have a lot of puff because it only took around 15 minutes to have the whole thing pumped up and ready to go. So I would say if you don't have a pump I wouldn't worry about needing to buy one.

I showed a photo on my alphabet post of the girls filling the pool up, I think they had just as much fun spraying the water in as they did splashing away in it.

I was pleasantly surprised that considering how big the pool was, it didn't take too long to fill up. There are lines on the inside of the pool to indicate just how high the water should go.

There was plenty of room for all four kids to play in there, infact they could have had their friends in there too and still had room.

A brilliant feature is that you can attach the hose to it and have water constantly sprinkling over you like a fountain. However my youngest daughter wasn't a fan of it, so it was swiftly turned off. Next time we will have to wait until Layla is napping to put it on.

Freya's favourite part was the separate smaller pool, I would have said it was perfect for the younger ones to play in but she had other ideas, this was her place to lay and relax, basking in the sun.

With the sun shining and the Summer holidays now finally here, this pool will definitely be in use a lot!! If you have a big family, this paddling pool is certainly one to be considered.

I believe we should be making the most of the outdoors. You don't need TVs and computers to have fun, you can easily have a brilliant day by simply making the most of what surrounds you.

Tweet @ChadValleyPlay and show them just how much fun your kids are having over the Summer holidays. Remember to use the hash tag #100daysofplay


Disclaimer : I was sent the items in this post free of charge however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. That pool looks like great fun and I'm sure the girls will love using it over the holidays! We've not heard of #100daysofplay until yesterday but agree there is more fun to be had than TV and electronics! Enjoy the holidays x


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