Tuesday 8 July 2014

H is for ….. Hose

So the weather was fairly rubbish this weekend, what with the rain and wind and all.

However there was a couple of hours of sunshine the managed to sneak in there. So we decided to blow up the paddling pool the Chad Valley kindly sent us as part of their #100daysofplay initiative.

This is what gave me the inspiration for letter H because what did we need to fill it up with water?? A hose of course!!

It took some time for me to blow up the paddling pool because someone (not me of course) threw out our pump!!!!

Once it was finally inflated, the girls took it in turns to help fill up the pool, giving it a little top up every so often as the wind cooled down the water somewhat.

Hopefully we get some more of that good weather so we can keep the paddling pool up, don't think I've got enough puff left in me to blow it up again ;)

Why not join in with 100 days of play, you can tweet @ChadValleyPlay with your pics of playtime ideas using the hash tag #100daysofplay.


*This post is linked up with the alphabet project*


  1. This looks like fun! Emma

  2. Awesome! There's nothing better than having a whole heap of outdoor fun especially when it involves water. Great pool too. Thanks for sharing with #alphabetphoto

  3. They are obviously having a lot of fun in your H pic. Blowing up a paddling pool is a killer, right??


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