Saturday 12 July 2014

Project 365 Days 187 - 193

Another busy week in the Hazelden household. We had Sports day on Monday and thankfully the sun managed to make an appearance!!

Gracie and I attended her playschool trip to the Rare Breeds centre on Tuesday, it was nice to have some one on one time with her.

Wednesday my little brother, the favourite, Uncle Alec arrived, he lives in Leceister so we don't see him often and this was a wonderful surprise for the girls.

Thursday Gracie had a Teddy Bears picnic at the "big" school, this gave me a chance to meet some of the mums and have coffe and a natter whilst she played.

And Friday Elise and Freya joined the rest of their school for a sponsored run to raise money for Cancer Research Uk.

Told you busy!!! Now onto the photos for project 365….

Day 187

A relaxing Sunday morning before the next weeks madness began.

Day 188

After sports day the sun continued to shine so we of course celebrated by having dinner in the garden.

Day 189

We received the new Lego Friends magazine in the post, so whilst Elise got stuck in reading, Freya was inspired to get the rest of their lego out. Gracie sat on Mrs Giant's chair whilst on her playschool trip and Layla showed of her best smile for the camera.

Day 190

Uncle Alec's back. He is definitely the favourite uncle and I can't blame them because he's my favourite brother too :)

Day 191

Gracie, Freya and Layla took control of the new magazine so Elise took the chance to have some peace and quiet and play on the LeapPad.

Day 192

Uncle Alec was visiting again and what better way to spend his time than being bundled by his nieces.

Day 193

The girls were being shown cheer leading at school this week so they were showing me what they had learnt (love Elise's face) whilst Layla chilled with the LeapPad.


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  1. Oh look how pleased they are to see Uncle Alec! Loving the shades in the garden :) #365

  2. Looks like they've had a fun week! Loving the cheerleading stunts!

  3. Lovely photos, particularly day 193, they look very cheeky :)

  4. Looks like a fun week, lovely photos.

  5. I love how much fun your girls always seem to be having. Emma x

  6. Chantelle i love how how well your girls play together they are so lovely ... i always fought with mine! (loving Mrs Giants chair!)

  7. Gorgeous girls as always, so very pretty and happy.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  8. Another lovely round up of your week. Love the giants chair and the shades :) They are clearly thrilled to see Uncle Alec!

  9. Your girls are just the cutest and I love love LOVE that photo of the littlest one chilled out with pillows and the tablet! Such cuteness xx

  10. Great cheerleading shot, and the girls sunglasses are fab.

  11. How funny are those sunglasses! Love them! The Rare Breeds Center is so lovely isn't it! x #365

  12. Loving the shades pics - here's hoping for more sun

  13. 193 is fab love their faces bless them and i adore your girls sun shade collection!!! xx

  14. What a gorgeous set of photos yet again. Clearly a busy but very fun week. Lovely :)

  15. Oh I love the sunglasses pictures! Looks like a great week with lovely photographs. Hope you have a great week x


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