Saturday 19 July 2014

Project 365 Days 194 - 200

Another busy week filled with school trips, leavers parties, school discos and potty training. This has meant lots of pretty dresses being worn and a lot of washing too.

We decided to join in with Dry Like Me's #pottytrainlive this week and I have been super impressed with how quickly Layla has picked things up. Ok there have been quite a few accidents but there have been just as many successes on the potty, she definitely isn't a baby any more.

Friday was Gracie's leavers party at playschool and I had to fight back the tears, still can't believe she starts primary school in September.

And now the Summer holidays start, yay!!

Now on to this weeks project 365…

Day 194

A lazy Sunday morning watching TV in mum and dads bed.

Day 195

Layla was watching television whilst drawing, a born multi tasker!! Elise was having a chat with her teddies. Gracie was spending time with my godson and Freya spent the evening running away from the camera.

Day 196

Elise was twirling infront of the mirror whilst Gracie was attempting a head stand. Layla was wearing her sister's loom band headband and poor old first aid Freya fell over again!!

Day 197

A couple of nice pictures of Gracie and Freya today. Elise looking all grown up for her school disco and Layla weeing on the potty.

Day 198

Another day, another loom band bracelet, or chain in Elise's case. And Gracie and Layla were showing me how to skateboard :)

Day 199

The girls were tasting my first ever attempt at freshly made smoothie ice lollies.

Day 200

It's raining outside, boo!!! So it has been a slow start today, pjs are still on and the girls have found things to entertain themselves.

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  1. Love the photo of the girls eating their smoothy lollies! We're they yummy?! #365

    1. I managed to sneak one for myself and I can confirm they were delicious :)

  2. Elise and Freya have very long hair!

  3. Those smoothie ice lollies look fab, she looks so grown up all ready for the school disco.

    1. It is super scary how old she looks sometimes!!!

  4. Ah loom bands - mine are obsessed too, find the bands everywhere I go! We made smoothis lollies this week too :)

    1. I can't tell you how many I've accidently hoovered up now x

  5. Sorry if my comment duplicates, but the other doesn't seem to be showing!
    I love the smoothie lolly piccies, they look yummy!
    The picture of the girls dressed up is super cute too.
    Well done to Layla on her potty training too :) x

  6. how lovely having 4 girls. The dreaded loom bands appear again...when will the loom band madness stop?

  7. Wow that is a long loom band! I keep finding bands everywhere lol. We're doing the Dry Like Me #PottyTrainingLive too, but am doing the twins one at a time, I'm not brave enough to have 2 potty training at the same time. Lovely pictures xx #Project365

  8. Gosh Layla looks really grown up in that headband shot! I had A's leavers from play group too this week, where has the time gone?


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